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    Super Star Destroyer paper model

    Hey guys just wanted to give you a quick update, unfortunately I haven't started yet due to exams and summer school but I should have time away from all my exec meetings and such next weekend where I will begin construction of the structural frames. Because of all my commitments expect only the...
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    Super Star Destroyer paper model

    Satka, the model will be in 3 lengths (1ft, 3ft, and 6ft) I have to review falsehood's works before I can say anything but for now i'm committed to creating a 1ft model hopefully this summer or late fall. Now if anyone is wondering about progress I already have an internal structure in my head i...
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    Super Star Destroyer paper model

    Everyone who replied THANK YOU, and to people who think a 6 foot model will be over the top i remind that will be the grand finale for those who want to really have something to stand out in their shelf (if they have the space). Everyone else thanks for the support, I'm almost ready to start...
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    Super Star Destroyer paper model
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    Super Star Destroyer paper model

    Hey guys, i'm erebus and i've been building paper models ever since I was a kid but now I really wanna step up my game and increase my skills. I will designing 3 versions of the executor class star destroyer (yeah that's right). I wanna make a foot long version for rpg games and such that use...
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    Starship Troopers Roger Young-Bob's Build

    First off, epic build man really loved every step of your work. impressive stuff not gonna lie. i'm thinking of doing my own build, but what glue do you recommend for regular paper models and this kinda build. I've been doing paper models ever since i was a kid but my family uses only uhu...
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    Would you play a game with paper miniatures?

    I would love to do that! me and a buddy are making some imperial star destroyer fleets to battle it out. Anyone know however we can get some rules for that kind of thing? I bet alot of guys on here would prob be interested in a space table top game.
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    40k Lore in under a minute...

    Love it!!
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    Space Lovers Enter here.

    I can't wait for the day when all those sci fi fans like us who got engineering and science degrees come out and actually build ships like these in our future!! Anyone psyched over the thought of a star destroyer (Product of EARTH!) :D
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    Sci Fi Fan finds new world

    welcome felow sci fi fan. Hope to see some models. you gotta check out the venator model from star wars sometime on papermodellers you'd like it.
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    Greetings from Dortmund, Germany

    yeaaahh another german up on here! loves the card models too. rodger yong is the sh*t. you like venators by any chance. i got some plans
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    Grettings from Calgary

    What's up dude, I'm from Ontario. love paper models too! what kind of paper models you like to do. I mostly love sci starships like star destroyers. salutations from University of Toronto - Erebus
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    hello from University of Toronto

    Hey guys just started here like it so far. I'm a university of toronto student doing my undergrad in poly sci. I've been doing paper models ever since i was a kid however i've also done a little plastic 40k. I prefer paper models and I mostly focus on sci-fi large class starships. Star...
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    Hello from Germany!

    Hey dude what's good, i was born in Germany (patriotic german blood over here) haha, Hamburg's nice men, been there before. I do card models, mostly in the ship sci fi category. like star destroyers or venator star destroyers
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    Marauder destroyer

    From a fellow 40k IG fan, dude SICK work right there. Any idea when a download link or a pdf file will be available with instructions?