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  1. zathros

    FARSCAPE Marathon

    If you get the "Comet" station they are having a "Farscape" Marathon. This is one of the best science fantasy shows to ever come on. They fid something on that show that was never done before and if done would have to be credited to Farcape.. If you can get it set your DVR. The plot line and...
  2. zathros

    I got really sick last week

    I've been in the hospital for the last 5 days. I got C.Diff, Sepsis, Severe Bronchitis and that combined with my spinal cord injuries proved quite overwhelming. I made it home on Saturday. I am doing better, I need time to recover. Juat wanted to let you guys know. I had Oral Surgery 4 days...
  3. zathros

    Dustbin Motorcycle with Fairing

    This model is a nice example of vintage Dustbin motorcycles with a large fairing. Small displacement bikes could achieve very high hitherto unreachable speeds. An interesting part of motorcycle history, they made side winds very dangerous to motorcycle, so were rarely used on general purpose...
  4. zathros

    Nissan Silvia First Model Year

    zathros submitted a new resource: Nissan Silvia First Model Year - Nissan Silvia Metalic much potential. Read more about this resource... Link =
  5. zathros

    Paperoom's latest model

    Ronaldo has posted an extremely detailed car model for download. Worth checking out. It's a 1990 Golf. Has a great interior. It really could be greebled to another level. The model could be scaled up too, as it has a very high resolution. The wheels are incredibly detailed. ;) Link =...
  6. zathros

    America's Cup Sailboat Racing

    The Kiwi's (New Zealand) have kicked butt!!!!! thumbsup:King::Bravo:
  7. zathros

    Joe Biden Inauguration: Peaceful Transfer of Power

    May God Bless President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. May they uphold the Constitution, and God Bless America!! The peaceful transition of power has taken place, was going to and there was no one who could have stopped it. I hope people read and understand the laws of the U.S...
  8. zathros

    DJPinter's wife in under ventilation, he has his family have COVID DJPinter has notified me that his wife is now in the hospital in ICU with COVID and viral pneumonia. She is on a ventilator. DJPinter's himself now has COVID, and does his daughter. This family is being hit really hard. I am asking that...
  9. zathros

    Micahrogers is now a Moderator

    I have asked Micah to be a Moderator of Zealot and he has accepted. His knowledge and expertise, excellent character, his extraordinary abilities in bringing his figurines to life, and his other builds, bring a great asset and person to the forefront of the forum. So let's welcome Micahrogers...
  10. zathros

    Google Ad Sense

    We are now running Google Ad sense to try and get some income to maintain this forum. Hopefully this will offset the costs and keep this forum alive!! :)
  11. zathros

    COVID Masks and Procedures in General: A discussion

    By now everyone should know that the N-95 are going to give you the best possible protection. How you fit these to your face is also very important. Upon inhaling, if you feel air coming in from the perimeter of the mask, bend the nose tab, and adjust the mask so that no air escapes. get the...
  12. zathros

    AXM's Space X Mars Rocket----Fantastic!!!

    Guys, took a look at what AXM is offering, Space X's Mars Rocket, is an awesome model!! This is a FREE download!! :) Link =
  13. zathros

    Transition of Power

    With the world looking, some thinking, "America is broken", we have now started the transition of power. No shots fired. Power plays that were within the law, even though they failed, played out. The losing party accepting defeat. The Transition begins. Democracy works. The world just saw...
  14. zathros

    Anyone watch Star Trek:Final Frontier?

    A little crude, but worth watching. Has the feel to it. Needs a little polishing, but does not feel at all like a waste ot time. ;) link =
  15. zathros

    Mark Crowel's Car Builds

    Mark Crowel's threads merged unto this thread:
  16. zathros

    Rules and Policies: Please read this, please!!

    The Rules and Polcies took a long time to set up. They were in fact decided by on the membership and the owner of this forum. There is to be no advertising and all models much be FREE!! That applies to everybody, me included. You can buy a model here, but if you do a design thread, you...
  17. zathros

    My Mom Passed yesterday 8/27/20 8:15 a.m.

    I wasn't going to post this but you guys are one of the best groups of people I know, so I though I would share this personal event. My Mom was a wonderful strong woman. My father died when I was 5 and she raised a family of 8 on her own. She never collected welfare, she worked 16 hours a day...
  18. zathros

    SPACE, NOW!!! 2:00 p.m. E.S.T.

    Don't miss it!!
  19. zathros

    Ice Cream Truck by Ronaldo

    I just downloaded this Ice Cream Truck by RonaldoM. This Ice Cream Truck is so bright and lively, it captures the essence of Ice Cream Trucks everywhere!! It is awesome!! Go to his Blogspot, click on the picture to download the model. There are many classic modls there, definitely worth...
  20. zathros


    SyFy is running the whole series in Regular and High Definition starting at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, back to back!! If you have never see the remark of Battletar Galactica, it is well worth it. Clear those DVR's and get to recording. ;)