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    17th Century Vacuum Airship (livestreaming the design process!)

    Wow! How cool is this! Thanks for the wiki link too. I had never heard of this concept. It would be awesome if it had worked. Nice looking model.
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    Searching for NASA LLRV

    :cool: Thats what I like about it :-) You can't do it any injustice. It's one of the ugliest flying machines ever made! Thats the sheer beauty of it!:rofl: I'm sure that the NASA team that built it made it according to the most exacting standards. It's still a jet engine with an ERECTOR set...
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    UHU02's Valley Forge

    :eek:That is truly amazing!
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    Searching for NASA LLRV

    Actually there is. I went to the NASA website and they have a very decent archive at a variety of resolutions to choose from. Very good 3-view as well. The one below is low res, but is an example of the source materials available. Unlike myself, I'm sure a real modeller could do this justice.
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    Searching for NASA LLRV

    I'm thinking some paper soda straws and a reasonable facsimily of a jet engine in the middle with some balls and you would be pretty close. Maybe that would be too simplified? sign1
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    Searching for NASA LLRV

    Anyone remember the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle?
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    Model Of The Month: Colonial Viper (my techniques)

    Your work is Frakking Awesome!
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    Bunny's TTA Space Wreck Build

    Awesome work! :thumb: Bravo!
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    Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Shuttle (TOS)

    Thanks for a great model Martin! I downloaded it and had no problems at all.
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    Cylon Armor (Original Series) - MADE OF REAL METAL!

    Very nicely made belt! Looks like you're on your way to a great looking sword too!:thumb: