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  1. ThunderChild

    DS9 resurrected

    So thanks to D-whale's reminders I have resurrected a project that started years ago. I have finally finished creating the internal support structure. Getting various parts to interlock was a fun puzzle! I'll be starting (er... restarting) the test build soon. Watch this space!
  2. ThunderChild

    Star Trek Shuttles: 1:200

    Ever wonder how big the Delta Flyer is in relation to the El-Baz? Well, you could spend 3 seconds on google and get a quick answer... ... or you could build them all yourself. Enjoy! ;)
  3. ThunderChild

    Tough little model

    Thought I'd let everyone in on a model that's ready for download. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.
  4. ThunderChild

    Some of my renders

    So our good friend Rhaven Blaack asked me to share some of my renders with everyone. Those who browsed my deviantart page have already seen these. Hope you like! :thumb: Exercise with particles: Character and hair animation test: Robots: Some 80's nostalgia...
  5. ThunderChild

    Mass Effect 2 Hammerhead: WIP

    I finally got back to doing some work on my massive to-do list. Eventually we'll get to the build pics, but first I think some might benefit from seeing a brief overview of my design process when working with game-ripped models. First up, the actual model from the game. I absolutely loath...
  6. ThunderChild

    A4 vs Letter solution for designers

    This is a topic solved many times and discussed even more in the past. For all those designers out there wondering about the difference between A4 and letter, and still not sure how to go about catering for both paper sizes, here's a template you can use. The first image shows the...
  7. ThunderChild

    (Another) SR2 Normandy design!

    Soooo... Someone liked the little SR1 I hastily designed a while back. sjsquirrel is doing such a great job with his big SR2, I thought a tiny one can only compliment it, so in the same scale as my tiny SR1, I give you the SR2, in Cerberus colors. Have no fear, I will release it... Once I...
  8. ThunderChild

    RIP Ralph Mcquarrie

    One of the best conceptual artists, Mr Ralph Mcquarrie, may he rest in piece...
  9. ThunderChild

    Some more tiny models

    Finally got around to taking some pics of these little guys. All the trek models are 1:3900 scale. Hope you like! sign1
  10. ThunderChild

    Guess the model

    Lets see how long it takes and who guesses correctly first! sign1 What vehicle is this cockpit from?
  11. ThunderChild


    Hi and welcome! Care to tell us a little about yourself, what models you like? Looking forward to see some of your builds!
  12. ThunderChild

    Mass Effect landing craft

    Think it's about time I finally release something again! Coming really soon...
  13. ThunderChild

    A little Macross/Robotech

    Thanks to the diligence of the admins, it looks like we can upload pics again! Thanks guys, you're awesome! :thumb: So I really got hooked on the tiny models. Here's my latest SDF-1. Hope all likes! :wave:
  14. ThunderChild

    More Wing Commander models on the way

    Greets all Wing Commander fans! These models should be ready in about a month's time. Hope you likes!
  15. ThunderChild

    Enterprise and Reliant at 1:4000

    Thought I'd share these builds with everyone. Shunichi Makino's Reliant and Enterprise-A at 1:4000 scale. The Enterprise is little over 7cm long.
  16. ThunderChild

    The Uhu02 appreciation thread

    Ok, I think everyone will agree that we need one of these: A showcase of models designed by Uhu02 and built by the rest of us. As a designer myself I can safely say that the best compliment is to see others build your model and enjoy it, so, to say thanks to Uhu02 for the amazing models he...
  17. ThunderChild

    New SDF-1

    Hello again my friends! It's been nearly a year and a half since I released the little SDF, and my original intention was to have this model up and available by the official launching day of the SDF, which was in February 2009. Unfortunately, as most of you know, real life has a nasty...
  18. ThunderChild

    Macross/Robotech Destroids, and other mecha

    Hi Everyone! This is the new thread I'm creating so everyone can follow my progress on the Destroids in particular. I also hope this thread would lead to a lot of discussion and ideas, inputs, advice and general Robotech/macross related chit-chat. It's open to anyone and everyone! I...