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    CN Track Charts and Signal diagrams

    Hello fellow hobbiests Can anyone tell me if CN puts track diagrams and signal charts in thier current timetables? I'm looking for signal charts of the River Sub and other Winnipeg area subs for a CTC simulation. Regards Kutler
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    Layout 101

    Greetings: I've recently obtained a suitable sized basement to proceed with plans for a layout of about 25' X 40' in size. Interestingly it's been so long since I've operated on a layout I've forgotten some basic points. I'm interested in building a circa 1975 layout generic in nature in...
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    Alternate VIA loco paint schemes?

    Does anyone remember if VIA rail was simply unveiled or were there several different variations and the worst (or most garish) one selected?,,:cry: Most folks remember the RS-10 version applied to one unit or the grey and yellow F-unit mid 80's , but I'm referring to the genus of via. I'd be...
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    2007 Grainloader on the Glenboro Sub

    That's in Manitoba y'know..... R
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    Major yard as theme of layout?

    Years ago MR had a layout build by a guy who loved passenger trains. I think he built Boston Union Station or something like that and the associated passenger yards. It looked like a great layout for the size of room he had. I've only heard of one other guy since that time who wanted a...
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    Simple question? Using a Lenz Decoder in DC mode.

    I've been under a rock for a while, but have purchased a brass locomotive with a lenz decoder professionally installed. Lenz claims that the decoder may be operated in standard DC mode, but does not provide examples how to facilitate this. Does the receiver identify the current as DC and switch...
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    Introduction Much has been said in recent years in operating a model railroad by timetable and train order T&TO. Multiple clinics have been held at NMRA conventions, and it's seemingly touted as one of the two 'cool' ways to run your railroad, the other being CtC. Most model railroaders have...