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  1. Uyraell

    The Lost U-Boot

    Xavier, your U-Boat diorama reminds me, rather eerily in fact, of the underwater photographs of the U-Boat sunk off the Danish coast and raised some few years ago. The early images were, for the era, very clear and therefore rather haunting to look at. Your excellent diorama encaptures that...
  2. Uyraell

    A street corner in Lisbon.

    In May of 1964 I rode the last tram to run in my city. I was 9 months old, and my mom thus took me to the 1st of the historical events my life has witnessed. Seeing this beautifully detailed diorama in its' many aspects reminds me of that mid afternoon ride, those decades ago. Warmest...
  3. Uyraell

    Starship Troopers - Rodger Young /free/ 1:?

    One of the most amazing re-texture and re-detailing projects I have seen in a very long time. I am quite simply in awe of the skills our friend Skoda shows and shares herein. Certainly, he has shown equally amazing skills with his model of the "Betty", but in this thread he goes even further. I...
  4. Uyraell

    Buck Rogers Corgi Fighter - metal and plastics

    I also have (Still, after nearly 40 years!) The same Buck Rodgers Thunderfighter Corgi toy. It is in near-original condition, and I'll not alter it, despite its' faults, because it is now a rarity. However, it will make a nice "companion piece" to the Thunderfighter set I shall eventually...
  5. Uyraell

    LEGO Luke X-Wing Pilot!

    This thread is a piece of brilliance! Not only informative but thoroughly enjoyable, complete with lightly comedic relief. I have a similar LEGO-style kit, and am wondering about the tabs and alignment markers for the small cylindrical pieces constituting the joins/joints for the various limbs...
  6. Uyraell

    All Things Pacific Rim

    Taken as what it was, the movie was adequate, and enjoyable. I Liked it, though felt it was perhaps a little lacking in character depth and execution, in acting terms. However, I have to confess: the Jaegers interested me greatly, and I was quick to hope that models of them would appear...
  7. Uyraell

    Resource Earth vs The Flying Saucers Alien

    I was always very interested in the alien beings from this movie, despite that I've only ever seen it twice. Jim: as EVER, Your work is very good and extremely Appreciated. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to build this one, Health and resources allowing. My Profound Thanks to you both...
  8. Uyraell

    BSG - Cylon Attempt

    Hawkabbc, I'm glad you'll now be able to find the Cylon 70's Armour files as indicated by Rhaven Blaack, and ASC Mclaren . I'm sorry I'm late in replying, my recent health has not been good. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  9. Uyraell

    Bell X22 Render work

    Along with the Bell XV15 the X22 was one of the truly fascinating prototypes of its' era. I'd be keen to see it emerge as a model, and see it built. The more unusual aerial vehicles have always been an interest to me. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  10. Uyraell

    Klingon Bird of Prey from "Enterprise"

    I thought the same thing, Vipers7.:):cool: An exceptionally original idea for an extremely good model. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  11. Uyraell

    Betty /Alien Resurrection/skoda/ 1:108

    Phenomenally good work on the Lateral Thruster Hydraulic armatures. The entire model thus far is an example of outstanding brilliance, and your build of it an example of exceptional skill. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  12. Uyraell

    pics of tas tug cargo

    Great set of variants , Jim. I really like the colourschemes and panelling. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  13. Uyraell

    BSG - Cylon Attempt

    Hawkabbc you're more than welcome. :) I wish you every success and will check back to see the progress you're making. Kind and Respectful regards, Uyraell.
  14. Uyraell

    Star Trek: Voyager:- Dinaal Hospital Ship - micro build log

    You achieve very fine work and clearly ( I've looked at your other threads, and blog) have very good skills in such small scale modelling. I truly admire what you've achieved, and hope to emulate it some day. Excellent work! Well Done!. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  15. Uyraell

    U.S.S. Nostromo /AD + Mira =skoda/ Beta

    An absolutely stunning build! The attention to detail and the amount of layering is beyond impressive. Will be watching with much interest. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  16. Uyraell

    pics of saucer-invasion of the saucermen

    I admire your growing skills and the work you put into achieving the unique designs you create. Often, your solutions are either brilliant or very close to it. Your dedication to your craft is quite clearly rewarding the effort you put in, and that effort in turn encourages others to take more...
  17. Uyraell

    Papermau's new crypt

    Brilliantly done. Our friend Mauther certainly designs very neat models, and it is a pleasure to see them built. Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
  18. Uyraell

    Air Port Schiphol 1930 - 1:1250

    It is a pity the pictures were unable to appear. I certainly admire the fine work I've seen in the thread thus far. That little Tractor-Tug simply amazes me! Very very Well done! I look forward to seeing more of your work and techniques as you continue to share the results with us. Kind and...
  19. Uyraell

    Amnesty, Second Chance, Try it again

    Zathros, Thank You my friend. :) Existence has taken it's turns. I'll try to be here more often though. Kind and Respectful Regards my friend, Uyraell.
  20. Uyraell

    Amnesty, Second Chance, Try it again

    Not that My health or current circumstances have allowed me much opportunity to contribute meaningfully of late in ANY of the forae at which I used to be regular. However; I record here my gratitude to be able to remain a member of this forum, and my Thanks for that kindness. Kind and...