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  1. zathros

    Colonial Viper Car (PaperJams entry 2021)

    I'd make it a single front wheel. 3 wheel vehicles with the weight on the two wheeled end handle excellently. This guy could have made his Viper car with a single front wheel and it would have handled excellent, as the weight is on the two wheeled end. Too bad he hadn't passed it by us, I...
  2. zathros

    This idea has some serious holes in it.

    These are usually done and called joining strips. They have the great advantage of keeping the pieces to be joined on the same plane, and you end up with a great mating of surfaces. I usually cut out pieces to fit the exact shape I need. This is quick and clean though and great for cylinders...
  3. zathros

    This idea has some serious holes in it.

    This link requires approval to see. Please don't post links like that. You could always take a screen shot of the pic and upload it as a .jpeg. I just signed in and could not see the picture either. I hate Facebook or whatever they're calling themselves now. I just lost 4 minutes of my life...
  4. zathros

    To be somewhat Enterprising....

    I always liked the Voyager designed. It seemed like a stout ship. I don't see the speculum in there, of course, with what you do, you see a lot more different speculums than I could ever imagine existed, so I'll take your word for it. :) The series itself was also one of the best of the whole...
  5. zathros

    Dune - Atreides Ornithopter 1:48

    I just saw the movie in a IMAX Laser Theater. When the ornithopter was gliding, well, let's just say they really should have contacted a better aerodynamics specialists. I liked the movie, and the ornithopter, the vibration at low altitude would attract worms for miles, but that was how it was...
  6. zathros

    "Red Skull" sculpt, polymer clay

    A Sculptor too!! Fantastic!! :)
  7. zathros

    Alfa Romeo P3 from tkpapercraft

    I know it's been posted, but do please post a link to where you got the model from.. The build thread allows you to do that, and it will make it easier for people who look at this thread to get to the website. :)
  8. zathros

    Star Wars U-Wing building

    Realy great job. The detailing has paid off. ;)
  9. zathros

    Alfa Romeo P3 from tkpapercraft

    Really excellent. Worthy of a plastic clear display case, mirror bottom! :)
  10. zathros

    M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25

    ...........and how you're banging this model out!!:bulgeeye::sticktongue:
  11. zathros

    M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25

    A Drummer eh? That explains the finger dexterity!! :)
  12. zathros

    Tie Phantom Design Thread

    I've been following this thread, I've had some surgery this last month that really putme out of the lube. You are doing a fantastic job on this model. You should be very proud and rightly so! :)
  13. zathros

    Colonial Viper MK-I (from Sirius Replicas)

    Excellent job, superb workmanship! :)
  14. zathros

    Zoids Voltron is now free!

    Not into this genre, but wow! Great find Thanks. Quite a model to build. ;)
  15. zathros

    M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25

    Tube amps are awesome. Audio Tube amps have around a 1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), which, compared to modern electronics which are at around .001% seems ridiculous, but they have far less total "non harmonic distortion" than modern electronics, which is why quality tube amps just sound...
  16. zathros

    M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25

    It's amazing that they would put a tube radio in the turret!! I have a collection old vintage tube amplifiers, (these suckers are quite valuable, and sound incredible), it's amazing that the sockets could take the pounding. The U.S.Army radios were built quite robust back then, but geez, I...
  17. zathros

    1/12 Apollo Command Module

    Superb, absolutely superb job on those seats. Such great accuracy and detailing!!! :)
  18. zathros

    1/12 Apollo Command Module

    I built the Honda model below. When I purchased it it was $175.00 bucks. The chains is individual links. You built everything. I had it for years, and eventually gave it to a friend (funny, I can't even remember his name now) but that model, when available, costs $870 and worth every penny...
  19. zathros

    Compound table for my Dremel drill press table

    If you could find a little rotary table, you would be shocked at the things you could make. I do have a small machine shop. I have Indexing heads, milling Heads, all kinds of attachments, even broaching. I've made bicycle crank sets from scratch with a rotary table. If the Dremel head can...
  20. zathros

    "Red Skull" sculpt, polymer clay

    Playing around with some clay, I accidentally stumbled, fumbled my way into a face that was a spitting image or Peter Lorrie, the creepy guy in "To Kill a Mockingbird". I gave it to my sister. She said it looked so much like him it creeped her out, but she wanted it. :)