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  1. Chris74

    John's (ZATHRO'S ) Birthday.

    Happy birthday & best wishes, my good sir - and forgive my delay. :Drinks:
  2. Chris74

    The old railway station /ABC/ 1:150

    I would bother you with a question, sir. I'm not sure, but I think I've seen other paper models of Czech rail stations (from ABC or other magazines) - not sure if all of them designed by pan Vyškovský or by other authors. And most of them seem to have some common features, at least as paper...
  3. Chris74


    Very nice idea - and the work done, as well. Although quite sad. The last thoughts of her... Maybe about her mother and father...? Or a prayer...
  4. Chris74

    Coupes I'm working on

    Not just classic vintage cars, but classy, too. In fact, I consider these retro cars the most classy locomotion things ever - except, of course, the sedan chair, which is supreme. :noteeth: I'd love to see these ones being built, in fact I have a 'fever' for a few days to try designing a Ford...
  5. Chris74

    Hi I'm from the country of Poland

    Witamy na forum, Krzysztof! You can add pictures of all of your models, not only the new ones. Have fun here!
  6. Chris74

    Happy Birthday to Rhaven.

    Happy birthday, Rhaven!
  7. Chris74


    Yes, probably there should have been a mention of you there. On the other hand, I've found there is a link, on that forum, mentioning you and your models. "Paper weapons from Dented Rick."
  8. Chris74

    Hotchkiss TT6 - 1/35 my prototype

    I like it much, I like this kind of small vehicles. I have in mind the build of some similar vehicle, the soviet T-20 'Komsomoletz', but this Hotchkiss is also very attractive.
  9. Chris74


    No problem, sir. There's a million things I don't have a clue how to do - and this situation doesn't even bother me :D
  10. Chris74


    Well, until the author will reply... I've been trying a translation using my poor knowledge in Russian (I can read Russian letters/words, but do not understand their meaning, let's say in common spoken Russian can understand some like 3 out of 10 words in a proposition). I am not familiarized...
  11. Chris74

    An old pump house.

    Great work! I think it deserves a photo taken outside, on the grass and with the sky behind. It would be totally awesome...
  12. Chris74

    World of snow tanks

    Jagdtiger ************ Tiger I. ************ T-34/76 ******** There are a lot of other pics, here's a link of that contest page on Enjoy!
  13. Chris74

    World of snow tanks

    BT-2, another Soviet machine ******** Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F or G *********** KV-1 ********** T-44, another Soviet one. ************ T-34/85 vs. Hetzer - I think there's a monument with this scene somewhere in Europe, perhaps Poland, Russia, Ukraina or Belarus, cannot remember - but not...
  14. Chris74

    World of snow tanks

    I have accidentally found some other kind of models. Probably all of us know, play or at least heard about World of Tanks, not to mention the paper tanks from those fans. Well, had launched a contest (in 2013, maybe afterwards as well) regarding snow made tanks. And here's some...
  15. Chris74

    Airbus (Fart management)

    Gentlemen, the hot air (I would include the farts in this category) had a major role in aeronautics (flying balloons, Montgolfiers, Zeppelins etc) and I think we all should see it as a friend, not some unpleasant thing. I won't think further in this direction, because it is Sunday and I don't...
  16. Chris74

    The old railway station /ABC/ 1:150

    Awesome detailing! Hat off!
  17. Chris74

    Excellent trailer in Gallery

    Armor tracks, vehicle tires.... it seems that all that touches the ground requires a looot of work out there! Anyway, as we're servants of detail, this work here is really impeccable.
  18. Chris74

    Jagdpanzer Hetzer

    You probably already know the armored T-34/76 and Panzer IV great free models of this guy - I think his name is Kagenobu, but not sure, as I don't know Japanese. I think I saw two or three of them being built here on Zealot. So here's a third model, a Hetzer. It looks awesome. I think the scale...
  19. Chris74


    A merry and peaceful Christmas everybody around here and all over! Best wishes!
  20. Chris74

    Molds, Fungus, Flood recovery Dangers

    May God have mercy and blessings on your brother, you and yours. I would say it's indeed a matter of faith, if I think at that case of our Lord, Roman centurion and his ill servant. And, as all of us had such critical and emotional trials at a certain time, with someone beloved, I wish you...