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  1. Sudsy

    Battletech: Operation Homecoming; Stratos Mini Studios 6mm Mech build

    Many years ago, the first SF miniature game I ever owned was the foruth edition of Battletech in the late 1990's. I looked forward to finally having my own job (the military) and a local game shop to play in around 2001 when I finally finished my training and got to my first duty station...
  2. Sudsy

    Armageddon Pattern Basilisk SP Arty

    After finishing the Rhino, and maybe doing a few victory laps here and there.... I've cleared off my bench and started a new project. I need some fire support, as in indirect fire support, artillery. I'm not a big fan of the regular Basilisk SP guns you typically find for Imperial Guard...
  3. Sudsy

    Classic Rhino build (Patoroch design)

    So, for the last couple of months, I've been working slowly on a Rogue Trader era Space Marine Rhino (so, design is crica 1987-ish) using a Patoroch template for a Rhino Mark I. Given how stretched the build process is for this one at this point, this will mostly be a 'photo dump' type build...
  4. Sudsy

    Sudsy's paper terrain builds

    Figured I'd start a single thread to capture 28mm, and other game, scale builds. Starting with some David Graffam buildings in both 28mm and 10mm (1:144th/N-scale, which are older...) I recently built. These were printed a few years ago, and were completed as part of my 'backlog' of paper...
  5. Sudsy

    DIY Photo-etched Parts Bender!

    Save yourself a few bucks and build one! Sure, it's a photo etched parts bender, but I suspect one could adapt it to paper bends and folds as well... I'll let you know when I get around to building one myself!
  6. Sudsy

    Print and paint: Batman bust

    Started a new print and paint project... I don't have all the vitals on the print just yet (if I remember...) but plan on posting those here shortly. Finally got some more good filament to play with though!
  7. Sudsy

    Orktober 2020 Special: Gunwagen (Patoroch)

    Took a little vacation time this October...errr...Orktober to visit dr_tetrode. Of course, if I'm going to do so, I'd better bring out my papercraft supplies, and a special model that is Ork related. Since I'm waiting on parts from Mad Robot models for my Sentinel driver, this was perfect...
  8. Sudsy

    Sentinel build (Sudsy builds another Patoroch design)

    I've been threatening, and wanting, to build one (or three) of these for a while now! So, after finishing that massive tank.... 'Ere we go! Going to start with an 'Armageddon Pattern' armored Sentinel as a las-cannon armed tank hunter. Then I might build a scout if I have any energy left...
  9. Sudsy

    Abrams inspired 40K MBT (Patoroch)

    So, the BMP build is what got me started here and into hardcore paper model buildin in the first place. Sitting, since that time, has been the instructions and the file for printing off these Abrams inspired vehicles. To my knowledge, other than the real world inspiration and some 40k ish...
  10. Sudsy

    Weathering armor, 4 chipping techniques

    Just watched this on YouTube today at lunch. Now, to apply to the paper armor models...
  11. Sudsy

    Genet Models M722 LEV build(s) by Sudsy

    So, as a quick change of pace, I decided to build (well finally build) an M722 LEV (Light Expeditionary Vehicle) by Genet Models designed by Christopher Roe. This is clearly inspired by the 1987 movie "Aliens" but is certainly different enough to enjoy in its own right. It is about 28mm figure...
  12. Sudsy

    Sudsy builds a Tauros (Patoroch)

    I'm back! Just moved (closed on a new house on Valentines Day, FEB14...) and finally unpacked enough to start a project in my new area (see thread in the general catch-all area) Before I packed everything up, I ended up downloading, printing, and clear coating Eli Patoroch's Tauros...
  13. Sudsy

    Moved, almost got my building area set up...

    So, early February I packed up all my projects. Mid-FEB, my wife and I closed on a new house and started moving. A month later, I'm sorta on my way to getting a new work area set up. Just sorta... I'm still in boxes with a lot of my resources, but I did manage to put my cutting mat down on...
  14. Sudsy

    Lifesaving Medical Supplies to build...

    ...a winter wonderland... My screen kinda got blurry reading this. Figured this group would get a kick of the project.
  15. Sudsy

    FSM Damaged Fall 2019, paper model!

    Well, an article on painting and weathering a paper model at any rate.... Builder/writer is Michael Traj, and it is a 1/32nd scale Ripper Works ChTZ T-130 paper model he takes through the whole build, painting, and weathering. Initial scan over the article looks pretty awesome! Will fill in...
  16. Sudsy

    Making Paper Warplanes, by David Hawcock

    So, this is where it all started for myself and Dr Tetrode: First published 30 years ago, Dr Tetrode picked it up a bookstore when our family was out and about. I quickly snatched it up and started hand tracing the designs. Most never got done... A handful like F-111 got built and even...
  17. Sudsy

    Reaper Bones Fire Giant Bodyguard

    So I have been a bit distracted lately... Between kids activities and the gaming table (and getting back intothe gym post injury...) I still managed some painting. Details on my blog:
  18. Sudsy

    Confessions of a 40k Addict, blog with templates for buildings Just found this today running around on the internet. More stuff to build!
  19. Sudsy

    Zombie Hunter

    My print and paint of Sculptor's Zombie Hunter I printed it in ABS a few months back at 50% scale. It has sat so long, I'm giving any information based on memory along (take with a grain of salt...). Layer height/resolution: 0.1mm No supports required, brim used due to ABS (likes to shrink...
  20. Sudsy

    Macharius Vulcan (Patoroch) build

    So, while I haven't been posting much lately, it is not because I'm not building! I have been working on a Macharius Vulcan I'm going to give one my gaming buddies. Bit by bit, this is the largest model I have built out of paper to date! Now that I am complete, I will have to work on...