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    N Scale specific magazines.

    I exhibit with an N scale group at train shows in my area. If you go to a train show, you are bound to find a booth that sells cheap, 1980s-this year RR magazines, that you can flip through. once I found a booth selling magazines for 5/$1.00. that was a great deal. Another word on train shows...
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    Kato Unitrack Truss Bridge Bash

    I do not know much about that track, but I think your best option or shortening the bridge it to cut a section out of the center of the bridge, put normal rail joiners to connect the to pieces & glue(with plastic glue) the deck & truss together. as I said I do not know much about Kato Unitrak...
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    a greeting and a question on couplers

    That's great!!:mrgreen: sorry I didn't reply until now. I don't go here often enough. I agree with Steamhead that that is a good start (I just opened another tab to see that post) I would say you should keep the trains indoors. The way I store my N scale trains is a toolbox, with removable...
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    a greeting and a question on couplers

    The guy was right. I have atempted to replace couplers in N and each time I had to get help from some one with better hands. If you want to replace the trucks, even if they just have the pin takes about 45 seconds per car. just use your finger nails, pull and it should pop out. then put the pin...
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    T-Trak Empire

    I haven't come here in a while, sorry. Your right. N scale is harder to scratch build. And, yes I should go Golden spike before MMR. I still dream about it, but my skill is nowhere near good enough for MMR (although I do know a lot about trains.). Maybe in a few years.:sad:
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    DC or DCC

    Cool! I think I would rather do DCC than RC. All else fails, I convert a cheap RC car moter, stick it in the loco, and adapt the controller. thank you. Any thoughts on Bachamann's E-Z Comand? It sounds like a good place to start. Is it:?:
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    ACTRR my be dismantled and re-constructed

    Whenever I hear about a layout being dismanteled I get so sad. Some people do that when they have nothing else to chang on the layout and just tear it down & start all over again. I hope your next layout will be even better TGR
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    Second opinions on a shelf layout idea?

    If you want a small run-around, put in a 3-5"x3 track transfer table, with a track on the other end just long enough to hold you longest engine. Operation: pull car(s) onto transfer table, uncouple engine, move cars to side, pull on to other track all the way accross the table onto track onto...
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    European Railroad

    I am a man of many intrests. I like On30, T-Trak, N-Trak, LEGOs, and a some-what small interest in European trains. I like the idea of small nails. I have not been on Zealot in a while, so sorry about not checking up. I currently have no funds, so I'm stuck with what I only have sitting...
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    DC or DCC

    I only dabble in On30. I have attempted (and failed) an On30 flat car. I have started (yet to be finnished) 3 log cars (the kind that is basicly 3 poles, couplers, and trucks) A water tower I made years ago for my old HO scale layout. That water tower looks kind of like an O scale narrow gauge...
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    Any On30 folks here

    I only dabble. I don't have the time, space, skills, or money to build an entire layout(although, I am near a break-through) If you want ideas you should pick up some issues of On30 Annual, by Carstens Publication. I own all four issues. I am in contact with one of the editers, Chris Lane...
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    Athearn F45's

    I didn't know there is now sound in N scale. If I wasn't on such a tight budget, I would probably get some. Was it terribly expensive?
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    N scale minimum radius question

    I think 9"r is pushing it. Bu with 11" you have two inches between the ends. I don't know if those engines will run. I know in Bachmann's 2008 catolog, all of the standards will do OK, but the Spectrums require 19" (it says so in the catolog). Those industries will fit fine, unless they are...
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    European Railroad

    I have been interested in European model trains for a while. I am planning a small, portable, European N scale rail road. The two problems I ran into are a. I don't know where I can get EUropean engines & cars b. If I scratch build or kit-bash, How can I easly create the buffers. Now, I don't...
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    the other day, I picked up a Garden Railways magizine, found an article on how some guy took an HLW "Woodie", and changed it to R/C. Well, I wasn't thinking "Garden Railroad" while reading this article, I was thinking "Can that be done in On30?". After I finnished the article, I drew some rough...
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    Kato Unitrack and Micro-trains couplers

    If this layout is going to stay together for a long time, go normal sectional. E-Z-Track, Uni-Track, Snap-Track, and others of this style are excpensive. I only use those tracks for my test loop, becouse they don't wiggle away from eachother. I think you should use standard sectional. it is much...
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    n scale newbie lighting question

    I think you should get some old christmas lights, rip them off the major chord. If you get the white lights you just need to take them off the major chord, rather than having to some-how change the color of light. At a train show a couple of years ago, I found a booth selling tini lightbulbs...
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    Free-lanced Railroad Idea

    Hey! I just went on Google Video, and found a video with a brief veiw of a railroad I might be able to build someday. Right now I don't have the space, or money for it . I may have just enough skill for it but I don't know. Basicly, it is a loop with an enginehouse siding, a spur for extra cars...
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    N scale coupler question......

    I have found that the Magna-Matic are hard to find in N. I'd start with a mish-mash of knuckle couplers of Magna-Matic and standard. If you have a strong preferance, look around at other N scale manufacturers' websites. Knouckle couplers are easy enough to uncouple, so just start with that, and...
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    T-Trak Empire

    I think, since I will be moving in a few years, and have no layout, I might go T-Trak. If I do a home layout, I would just have to dismantal it when I just got started on scenery(my favorite part.) So, with T-Trak I don't have to do much woodwork, or heavy lifting, I can do scenery on a day off...