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  1. lyter1958


    well, been 3 years in the making but i have finely got her done. at 1/350 scale she is huge. now i have to build a case to put her in..( which i have started to build also..)
  2. lyter1958

    My wife DEB.

    Hi all. sorry havent been on for quite awhile except for some pop in visits. Last year my wife Deb kind of took a turn for the worst. it wasnt the cancer. the last scan done in March of this year showed that the tumor had shrunk 70 %, her mental state ( through out all of 2020 ) had gotten so...
  3. lyter1958

    Update on my wife Deb

    Hi guys. a few years ago (around 2016) i let you know that my wife has a cyst inside of her pancreas . its been quite a few years going on with her. first biopsy done showed that some cells showed that it"might" be the very aggressive cancer and it was at less 1 cm size. forward to 2018 she...
  4. lyter1958

    space 1999 eagle mst by keith withers and marc robitaille

    yup, the one with ALL the tubes.. i'm at it again. am i crazy?? yes.. but i enjoy it so much . so, all printed out on 11x17 67lb paper as always. i'm starting with the backbone first to get the drift on how rolling the tubes and putting it togther.first tube .. i trimmed off some of the extra...
  5. lyter1958

    Tokyo Tower by uhu02

    Ok, i went off the deep end here and jumped into "trying" to build the tower. This is gonna be a very long and time consuming build for sure. i printed out all the sheets on 11 x 17 sheets and started cutting out the main legs. A LOT OF CUTTING..:hammerhead::hammerhead::biggrin:.. as you can...
  6. lyter1958


    Ok, here we go again with my build of the Master's model. To start off as always, i print on 11x17 paper. Alot easier for me to roll and see.( getting younger each year). The spine is a 7/16 wooden dowel at 4' long..( i know, "4 this guy nuts??) . cutting and rolling out the pieces for...
  7. lyter1958

    another Rocinante build

    well, i got one of the four that i've been building done. here is my build of the Rocinante by Michel Grosberg. and of course i have to make it bigger.i did not take enough pic's of the whole build ( i forget things.. i know , shame on me..) but i got enough to share for all to know the fun of...
  8. lyter1958

    how many is too many??

    got a question to ask you all. how many models is too many to be working on at one time? i have 4 going at once. i get going along building one and run out of steam on it. then i start another and same thing happens. i keep telling myself " i got to finish, i got to finish", but then" oooooo...
  9. lyter1958

    I'm still here

    Hi all. just wanted to drop a note and let you all know that i'm still here. been a LOT of health problems with the wife this year. she's been in the hospial 12 times for panqutitus . finely got her to get a endoscopic ultrasound done 2 weeks ago and the results are not good. it is a cancer of...
  10. lyter1958

    this you gotta see the work on this is jawdropping!!!!
  11. lyter1958

    UHU02's Tie Interceptor

    Ok guys i'm back at it again. this time it's UHU's tie interceptor, you have to have a bad guy to go with the good guy. this will not be a fast build like the other one's . i'm ading little things here and there during the build to make it "my own" you could say. the cockpit just seems drab to...
  12. lyter1958

    And another UHU02 X-WING build

    thought i'd give UHU02's x-wing a go. i see that nero_on_fire is doing his build also, this is gonna be fun. i went to my local office supply store and had them print it out on 60 lb 11 x 17 paper. 8 1/2 x 11 was too small for me to work with( yea, i know, chicken..:)). been working on it off...
  13. lyter1958


    just got my new visor today. it comes with 4 lenses and a removeable lite. got it from cheaper than dirt for 33.00 shipped. now i can see to cut and scribe those lines..
  14. lyter1958

    Phoenix Hall

    ok, so i thought i'd try to build a house once. was looking on the web and came across this and thought, why not??. i think it was made by a S. Umekawa. thats what is printed on the top of each page. it looks like a fun build and i just love the shape. so off we go again..
  15. lyter1958

    UHUo2's Endurance

    ok, i'm taking a jump here and am gonna build this ship. It looks fun and it's gonna be a test of my building skills ( which is somewhat par to a lot of others on here). i'm goning to try and take as many pic's as i go along this build. so here's what i got done so far. i did cut out the solar...
  16. lyter1958

    space station V

    here's my build of the 2010 spacestation v by Martin Sanger this was a quick build.only took a week to do and yes i did leave off some items.
  17. lyter1958

    Saturn 5 build

    i wanted to take a break from the Sulaco build ( just got into a funk with it) and try something different. This is the 1/48 scale model made by Greelt Peterusma . i wasn't sure on how BIG 1/48 was till i built the first F1 engine. after holding it -finished, i thought-- crapp, i got myself into...
  18. lyter1958

    SULACO 1:430

    well, her is my build on Jan Rukr's Sulaco. i wasn't sure on how BIG this was going to be till i built the first section of the ship.. now it's like " ohhhh geeessss" .. can't stop now. i will be doing one section at a time and hopefully the Bosslady "wife" will not ask too many questions till...
  19. lyter1958


    the baby will be 18 inches long also. i'll try to remember to keep taking build pic's. here's what i got so far thanks for looking mark
  20. lyter1958


    here are some pic's of my build of the dy-100.