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  1. tiking

    Showcasing finished builds - before joinig the the forum

    This is a F1 race car I built last year.
  2. tiking

    Hi from Sweden

    I came across this forum while doing an internet search. I must say I am impressed by what folks can achieve with cardboard and paper. Truely inspirational work folks. The Jabba build is what brought me here. Very very nice and i tensive work. Two thumbs up to the builder. One major advantage...
  3. tiking

    AHIB (Advanced Hover Intelligence Bike)

    My first build on this forum. Though I do not build my models out of cardboard or paper, I hope you find it worth while to view. This build was inspired from a 3D artist drawing of a wasteland hover bike, I found on the net. The 3D drawing gave me the fuel to build something similar. But as...