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    Some ideas for situation cards

    I am thinking about creating situation cards for my loco's and rolling stock. I really don't know to many parts on the loco's and rolling stock. In which part is critical where it needs to be serviced right away, or it can wait util after the run, to be fixed. I have seen other post about...
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    Can i mix track?

    When i finally decide what plan to go with for my layout. Can i mix the track together? I have all Atlas code 55 track right now. I might need, or want to buy some curved turnouts. And Peco is the only one i saw so far with code 55 curved turnouts. Will i be able to use the Atlas code 55, with...
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    Help with a layout design

    I am in need of some help, designing alot. i have been a member here for almost 3 years. And after a few of my first post, i was told by some members here it took them a long time to come up with a design they liked. I never taught it would have taken so long. But, for me, it has. I had...
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    MT trucks and lp wheels help

    Need some help please. I will be using Atlas n scale code 55 track. I had purchase the MT00310041 (MT1035-10) Barber Roller Bearing Trucks w/short extension (10 pack) , but not from Fifer hobby. To replace my Atlas trucks on some of my Atlas rolling stock. I also purchased a package of the...
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    Fargo, North Dakota area

    Heading up to Fargo, ND to watch my nephews team play against Illinois State in football. The game is Saturday night (11-0307). He's not playing yet, he is redshirting his freshmen year. I was wondering if there is a good n scale hobby shop in the area, i can go and kill some time, and spend...
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    Sawdust ground cover

    I just want to know if anyone else used or try useing sawdust for there grass, or ground cover? I had just bought a box of Rit dye(fabric dye), tan and green. Added some water to my dye powder, mixed it for a while. Added some of my sawdust. Now i'm just waiting for the sawdust to dry, been...
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    so many red x's

    How come all the sudden in alot of the post i'm getting red x's instead of the photos? I read some where to hit the refresh button to help fix the problem. I hit refresh, still little red x's. I usually got the red x's on very old post. Now i'm getting them on like last month's post. i am...
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    Scenery/landscaping question

    I'm not sure on how to do this part. After i fix my track and road bed down. And where i am gonna have flat land. Should i still put some plaster, or scultp-a-mold to give it some ground? I know i don't want my ground to be higher then my track/roadbed. But i don't really want a real flat...
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    deisel house exterior lights

    I need some help here, please. My 2 stall deisel house is almost complete. I want to add some exterior and interior lights to htis building. But it's gonna be my first time added lights to a structure of any kind. What kind of bulbs should i get for this n scale building? I am thinking...
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    Looking to buy a digital camera

    I am starting to look into buy a digital camera. I have very little knowledge of them. i have been doing some research on them. I did a search here for digital camera's. But i still have a few questions. My main purpose for the camera is: To take indoor shots of my layout, during construction...
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    Athearn rolling stock couplers

    I had just order my first Athearn rolling stock in n scale. I have a several in HO scale and really like them. So now on my n scale layout i will probably go with Atlas and Athearn rolling stock only. Here is what i ordered...
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    track laying questions

    I have finished building 2 sections out of 3 for my framework. So i thought i start to lay some track. I had used the RTS 7.0 track planner to design my plan. It is 7'x12' crossover dogbone layout. I am using mostly all Atlas code 55 flex track. My first thing i did was to draw my lines for my...
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    speed limits in yards

    How are speed limits figured out for the yard? Is there a standard speed limit for the size of the yard? CAS
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    Building lighting

    Not sure if this will work, thats i am asking here. Instead of hooking your LED's, or Grain-of-wheat bulbs to your AC power pack. Would i be able to something like this? A 9v battery hooked up to a on/off switch, then to my LED, or Grain-of -wheat bulb? If i can, would this be a waste of...
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    My new start, again

    Before choosing this layout, that someone had made for me. After going back and forth between HO, and N scale. N scale won. I have my Digitrax Zephyr, i have a few loco's, and rolling stock. I still have to paint my loco's and rolling stock in CNW colors. I will be modeling in the northern...
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    A little help with RTS 7.0

    I have this plan someone designed for me. I then hit the find short circuits, and it came up with these 4 lightning bolts for short circuits. Is that because of my reverse loops? Do i need to put insulators there to eliminate the short circuits? I will be running this DCC in n scale. I...
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    Don't know which decoder for this MP-15DC loco

    I had purchased this loco a couple months back. I have looked here for this loco, But it's not listed. It is decoder ready. I don't know what decoder to buy, or where else to look. Any help would be...
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    Looking for chassie's

    Looking to buy several chassie's for 53', 2 axle semi trailers. I know where to get them for HO scale, but i can't find them anywhere for n scale. Any help would be appreciatted. Thanks, CAS
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    Removing the shell from a Bachmann loco

    I received my first DCC equipped loco. It is a Bachmann, DCC on board, GP 40 diesel loco - DCC equipped. The schematic of the loco shows that i have light bulbs on this train. But when i run it on my track, the lights don't work. I don't know if i have to change the cv's and turn the lights...
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    Looking for some C&NW decals

    Does anyone know where i can get some C&NW decals from? I have a few loco's to strip, then repaint. I also need the decals for my diesel house, that i have to scratch build. I was thinking about putting the decal onto the building. Hopefully i can get or print 1 small enough to put on the...