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  1. 2-8-2

    Rolling Stock Rosters

    Howdy! This topic recently came up in my discussions about coal operations, and I thought I would post it here to get some more input. My road is freelanced, so some of my rolling stock will get my own road name. Is there a general rule of thumb for how much of your roster should contain...
  2. 2-8-2

    Erie & Southern - N Scale

    Givens and Druthers Erie & Southern Railroad Co. Scale: N Gauge: Standard Prototype: Freelanced. Inspiration includes NKP, B&O. Era: 1953. The end of steam (transition era) Region: Ohio Railroad: Regional. Would be a Class I road during this time period. Space:9x6x3. Corner layout...
  3. 2-8-2

    Coal Operations

    Didn't take me long, did it, Larry? :rolleyes: You may remember that I am modeling in N scale. My freelanced road is the Erie & Southern, circa 1953 in Ohio. I have done a lot of research on what types of freight I want to run on my rails, but due to my limited space, obviously I won't be...
  4. 2-8-2

    Hiatus = Over!

    I'm back... Personal, medical, and financial issues have keep ole 2-8-2 out of the model railroading business for quite some time now. I see that my last visit was in September of last year. :cry: 2008 will birth the Erie & Southern Railroad on an actual layout, and the rebirth of my website...
  5. 2-8-2

    Decal Woes

    I bought some decal paper (Walther's Decal Line, Matte Finish) and I can't print my own decals. Apparently decal paper and ink jet printers don't mix. So what can I do? Will it work with a laser printer?
  6. 2-8-2

    E&S Flagship has arrived!

    The Erie & Southern kicks off the new year with the arrival of its flagship engine, a 2-6-6-2 Mallet! Pictures don't do this engine justice, so I won't post any. The detailing is amazing! I just hope it runs as good as it looks. :thumb:
  7. 2-8-2

    33' Hoppers - Anyone got a source?

    I'm looking for 33' open hopper cars, undecorated...or more only. However, I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone have a source for these?
  8. 2-8-2

    Industry Focused Operations

    This ties into track planning discussions, but I think I've seen this topic discussed here before (though I couldn't find the thread). What are the pros/cons of operating a layout focused on a single industry? For example, coal is going to be a major player on my layout. The other day, I...
  9. 2-8-2

    Making your own decals

    This is the part of doing a freelanced road that I'm enjoying the least. It's hard to find undecorated equipment in N scale. I also recently tried to print up a sign for my oil distributor, and it turned out horrible. Clearly my printer isn't up to the task of printing small signs. Here's a...
  10. 2-8-2

    Bachmann 2-6-6-2

    Anyone own one of these engines? How does it perform? What radius curves can it negotiate? I'm thinking of getting one and putting it to work around my coal tipples.
  11. 2-8-2

    Erie & Southern - N Scale

    Figured I'd better start a new thread with the new road name, so people (including myself!) don't get confused. Givens - Max layout size: 9x6x3 L shape - N scale - Transition era (1953) near the end of steam Druthers - No point to point. Would like some continuous run with some...
  12. 2-8-2

    Life-Like Proto 2000 Berkshire

    Van Sweringen 2-8-4 Berkshires feature over 50 hand-applied parts, roadname-specific detailing, blackened nickel-silver wheels with RP-25 wheels, driver and tender electrical pickup, front and rear working knuckle couplers and LED headlight and backup light. These smooth-running models are...
  13. 2-8-2

    CN buys Savage Alberta Railway

    EDMONTON (CP) - Canadian National Railway Co. (TSX:CNR) is buying the 555-kilometre Savage Alberta Railway from Savage Companies of Salt Lake City, Utah, for $25 million. "The acquisition represents an opportunity for CN to solidify its freight franchise in resource-rich northwestern Alberta,"...
  14. 2-8-2

    Renaming a Railroad

    Howdy! I've been in the planning phase of my layout for well over a year now. Most of this time has been spent researching and trying to develop a sense of what exactly it is I want. I've purchased track, lots of rolling stock, and even started on a few structures. My benchwork was even ready...
  15. 2-8-2

    Wheeling & Northern (N scale)

    Howdy :wave: I'm starting a thread with the hopes that the CFO (aka my girlfriend) approves some additional real estate for me. Right now, I'm working with the "Scenic and Relaxed" plan, which is 3x6. I'm hoping to be able to expand that to an L shaped layout of 9x6x3. This would be a dream...
  16. 2-8-2

    Leasing and Trackage Rights

    This isn't so much an operations question as it is a business question. If this is the wrong forum for this, please direct a moderator to move it to the right location... I'm trying to redo my freelanced road's history and operating agenda, to make it more believable. It's located in the...
  17. 2-8-2

    What a great hobby!

    Part of the enjoyment of model railroading for me is the research. I recently purchased the Walther's Interstate Fuel & Oil structure for my layout, and called it "Mackenzie Oil Co." after my daughter (Mackenzie is her middle name). I'm developing a section on my website about the industries...
  18. 2-8-2

    Painting plastic to look like wood?

    :wave: It's your friendly neighborhood newbie again... My N scale Interstate Fuel & Oil structure has a wood loading dock, and I'm not sure how to make the plastic look like wood. Does anyone have suggestions as far as colors, and/or technique? Since we all like pictures, those would be...
  19. 2-8-2

    Playing around in PhotoShop...

    Whatcha think?
  20. 2-8-2

    Am I Ready to Paint?

    Here's the airbrush setup I purchased this week: Paasche "H" Model - Single action/external mix - Kit came w/ hoses and many accessories Snap-On brand compressor - 1/2 HP oil-less diaphragm type - Internal bleed - Max running pressure of 33 PSI - Supposed to be one of the quietest on the...