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  1. paper hollywood

    Doctor Who's Bessie.

    Some of my best auction buys have been from mislabeled items. ;)
  2. paper hollywood

    Getting rid of my Brother printer for a Canon

    The Canons have their head issues as well. I suppose they all have their issues, though. I had a Canon that worked beautifully until it started having head issues and the heads on those are not at all easy to clean. I finally tossed it. Try to do a print or two every day rather than a bunch of...
  3. paper hollywood

    Doctor Who's Bessie.

    We interrupt this discussion of motorcyles to briefly return to this thread's original topic... In looking at Mr. Seven's interesting paper Bessie build it occurred to me that Bessie bears some resemblance to brass era Model T, though not quite. I did a little research to learn the real world...
  4. paper hollywood

    New models from Canon

    This is a great idea for a thread. I love the new red dragon. Here's a link to the English language version of the download page:
  5. paper hollywood

    TRANSPORT CENTRAL scratch build (using styrene plastic)

    This model is endlessly impressive. It sort of reminds me of the steel multi-level gas station playset I had as a kid, but you're taking the idea much further. And I'll stop feeling guilty about taking six months or a year to finish a model. Just take your time and do it the way you want it.
  6. paper hollywood

    Construction of Buck Rogers/ Wilmar Deering Helmet and Outfit

    The costume came out great and suits you well, C-Girl. It's nice to see Gil is still kicking around. He, uh, hasn't changed a bit. ;)
  7. paper hollywood

    Where do I find a price guide for rare models?

    Having been in the business of buying and selling old or used items for over a decade I rather agree with Revell-Fan. Price guides are for suckers pretty much-- as price guides-- though they are useful as catalogs of vintage items. My price reference bible is eBay. Do a search of the item, then...
  8. paper hollywood

    How do I paint my finished card stock/paper model?

    I do OK with good ole Krylon Crystal Clear spray. In fact, I've found if I spray the page well with it (maybe a couple of coats) I can even use pages printed with a laser printer and it won't break the lines at the bends (which is what happens otherwise with laser prints.
  9. paper hollywood


    Based on the photo of the guy holding the unfinished main body in his hand, I'd guess it's a good 20"-24" when finished, but that's just off the top of my head. Anyway, it's a fantastic design. Be sure to look around the site for this fellow's other designs, such as the Avatar gunship and the...
  10. paper hollywood

    TRON /free/ 1:?

    I suspect Jan Ruker would be impressed by where you went with his lightcycle design. I know I am. It's beautiful. I am wondering what kind of "putty" you used.
  11. paper hollywood

    New to Paper Modeling! Question about glues.

    Ah, reading model forums keeps costing me money. I've been a long time Aleene's user, but I've always meant to try one that Zip Dry stuff and UHU. I don't get by the craft stores often these days, so I just found some reasonable sounding prices on eBay. Here's a couple of links that filter to...
  12. paper hollywood

    Lake Bonneville Yacht Club

    That's a very impressive fleet you've got there, EA. Foamcore board would seem a great material for RC model ships. The smooth paper coating should take paint and sealer well. I guess you use the cardstock for deck details. Unlike some model boats, none of yours are ever going to sink.
  13. paper hollywood

    Build your BSG TOS Diorama Tylium mine on Carillon

    Thanks for another great thread Cylongirl. I don't recall seeing that episode, but I love the way you made the honeycombs and did the lighting. I read threads at all types of model sites, but think I find your build threads the most entertaining. [Lame translation attempt:] Danke für einen...
  14. paper hollywood

    Found a really cool paper model trains web

    It's still there and I downloaded it the other day. I'm pretty sure I've found it before long ago, but it may be on an old drive (you know how that goes). Nice link, Doug. I had to grab the 1880s American engine and coal car.
  15. paper hollywood

    Just got home after hurricane Florence

    Yes, good to hear your place came through OK-- and you're on the Internet. I'm sure it's going to be a long time until things get back to normal out that way. I don't know anyone personally in that part of the country, but one of my favorite YouTubers, spaceship modeler Lou Dalmaso is. He...
  16. paper hollywood

    Creating Water Effects and Explosions

    You can learn from that video even if you don't understand Japanese. Acrylic gel medium has long been used in creating water effects and this fellow makes good use of it. The most important thing in creating these water effects, though, is to study photos of the real thing. The process is very...
  17. paper hollywood

    Disney Themed Models

    This is certainly one of the greatest paper model websites and well worth mentioning now and then. It was one of the first such websites I ran across when I first got into paper modeling back in the early 00s. For awhile it appeared to disappear, but has managed to turn up again with everything...
  18. paper hollywood

    Huey, Dewey and Louie from "Silent Running" by UHU02

    I was never a big fan of that movie or the little robots, but UHU02's design is so beautiful I'd like to build it just because. He puts so much detail and quality in every design.
  19. paper hollywood

    Build your Dr. Who Tardis from 1/10 to 1/1

    It looks great, Cylongirl. I love watching your build progress shots. I was watching an old first season ep of Dr. Who recently and noticed that the outer door when seen from the interior looked completely different than from the outside. It just looked like part of the interior. I think they...
  20. paper hollywood

    Free Heavy Cardstock, courtesy of the US Mail!

    I've got a box I throw all the good cardstock junk mail into for reuse. I used to make fancy foil paper covered packaging for the miniatures I sold on Etsy and I started incorporating junk mail card after I started running low on file folders. The ladies who bought my stuff were always very...