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  1. pittpenguin123

    Resource E-102 Gamma

    pittpenguin123 submitted a new resource: E-102 Gamma E102 "Y"- E-102 “γ” from Sonic adventure E-102 Gamma (E-102 “ガンマ”?), or E-102 “γ”, is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog... Read more about this Resource:
  2. pittpenguin123

    miranda class

    any one have a template for it i found one at SF Paper Craft Gallery when i go there now i always get eror 404:Computer: so dose any 1 have a link to a download
  3. pittpenguin123

    NCC-1701-F (STO)

    can some 1 make the uss enterprise ncc-1701-f there a a few on the site but the are not like the 1 in the cannon game sto all sides not shaded
  4. pittpenguin123

    TOS phaser and communicator

    making TOS using this toy as examples ps any 1 realize his shirt is blue not yellow on the box
  5. pittpenguin123

    Qa'pla (hello)

    hello i have all ways bin a fan of paper crafts and sifi...... live long and prosper