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  1. paper hollywood

    1940/1950's Mechanised CARDBOARD Corn Threshing Machine

    I ran across mention of this video at HobbyTalk, but it should be of even more interest here. This fellow named Barry Warner spent 20 years building this wonderful motorized corn processing diorama. Most everything was made from scratch using cardboard-- even most of the little tractors.
  2. paper hollywood

    New Link for my Paper Hollywood Link Site

    I guess I'll post this under "Introductions", even though I'm an old timer here. A lot of you have kindly visited my paper model link reference website, which I've had in the signature of my posts here for years. I recently lost my domain name (total "duh" moment), but it's...
  3. paper hollywood

    Phillippine Architecture Models

    The Philippines isn't widely known around the world for it's architecture, but their government seems to want to change that to some degree. This Phil. government website has a nifty page with about 14 nice models for local architectural landmarks...
  4. paper hollywood

    Flying Hoopster - Unusual Loop Paper Airplane

    Scientific American came up with this interesting variation on the paper airplane that sort of reminds me of the rare loop-shaped Enterprise.
  5. paper hollywood

    Autodesk 123D - New Free 3D Software

    Autodesk just released several new free 3D design programs as free downloads, under the name "123D". I haven't had time try it out yet, but it looks promising. Autodesk is maker of AutoCad, the longtime industry standard professional CAD program and I suspect this is their response to the...
  6. paper hollywood

    1940s News Feature

    This blog about '50s comic strips has 8 single page models that were published during WWII. All in brilliant black and white, There's 3 WWII planes, a couple of boats and some artillery items. Perhaps for economy of page space, the planes only have the tops of the wings. If this feature...
  7. paper hollywood

    Vintage Zeppelin Model

    I couldn't find any indication that this link had been posted here, so here it is: Originally published in 1924, it looks quite detailed and depicts an early era airship. Note that the photo below the model...
  8. paper hollywood

    644 Page X-15 Book Online From NASA

    I just found out about this and checked it out. It's an amazingly comprehensive doc on the X-15. In addition to the complete history (including detailed flight records), there are many diagrams and detail photos of uses to model fans. Anyway, just thought some of you might find this of...