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  1. starbuck

    Millenium Falcon (version of the movie "Solo") building thread

    Hi togehter, I decided to build the Millenium Falcon again - but now the version of the movie "Solo". It seems to be a more easy model to build. I printed out the pages two times to be able to add some details popping out. I will see how it turns out. I also will use colour pencils to...
  2. starbuck

    Imcold X-Wing - discussion/building thread (

    Hi together, at the end of my last build (Star Wars T-74 Snowspeeder) I announced to build also the above mentioned X-Wing. Based on the existing thread: I did not want to start a thread, but bigpetr mentioned that it might make sense...
  3. starbuck

    Star Wars T-74 Snowspeeder - Building Thread 2

    Hi together, I did this model some time ago, and by seeing it on the shelf I see a lot of things to make "better". So I decided to build it a second time. I am a member of zealot for some years and in these years I got a lot of tips and I saw a lot of tricks, which should help me to make a...
  4. starbuck

    Star Wars A-Wing revised - Building Thread

    Saw the pictures of the revised A-Wing of (Thread of Cybergrider) Shunichi Makino - Thank you for so many great models. and I could not resist in making it too. I also did the "old" version (without cockpit) and it was great fun to build. Enclosed my first steps - following the instruction.
  5. starbuck

    LIFE SIZE TIE SILENCER Cool project. Enjoy the video. Did anyone see a paper model of the Tie Slicer? BR
  6. starbuck

    Millenium Falcon from Shinuchi Makino - building thread

    Hi together, it is a long time since I have done my latest paper model. The first Millenium Falcon I made I gave away to a collegue for his daugther. It is the model fo Shinuchi Makino (EP5 Version) - many thanks for this beautiful model. As I saw the sensor dish is the round one. - Did...
  7. starbuck

    Star Wars Rogue One Bandai Models

    Hi everybody, I found some new models of Bandai which are not yet availabe in Europe. Look below. Just for information if someone is interested in. Tie striker 1:72 tie...
  8. starbuck

    Star Wars - Rogue One - paper models

    Hi together, I saw the movie and I liked it. The movie fills a gap and it does it well. New ships appeared: the U-Wing and the Tie-Striker - and others, but these ones I liked the most. I already found a model of the U-Wing which I surely will start in the near future. I found it here...
  9. starbuck

    Star Wars - U-Wing and and old one the B-Wing

    Hi together, just wanted to show the U-Wing of Revel. It is called "build and play", but I do not want to have white pilots for example. So a little bit of colouring and weathering is needed - please see pictures. In principal I like this fighter too, but I do not like the look if the wings...
  10. starbuck

    Star Wars - X-Wing T-70 Building Thread

    Hi everybody, referring to this post: I decided to build this one, as I like it nearly as much as the old x-wing version. The fighter is availabe in 4 colours and I decided to make the most...
  11. starbuck

    Weathering of models

    Hi, most important at plastic models is the weathering to create a realistic result. I got the Falcon of Episode VII and tried to make a weathering on it. It is my fist attempt. Please do not hesitate to send comments, tips and tricks of links to create a helpful thread related to weathering.
  12. starbuck

    Star Wars Republic Star Destroyer - Building Thread

    Many time went by since my last post. It was a very busy time, and those who know me a little bit, know that I was not doing nothing. Mostly I was drawing pictures, and preparing garden for spring. I decided to build the Republic Star Destroyer. As I have seen there are not so many details -...
  13. starbuck

    Star Wars BB-8 building thread

    After having seen the movie I immediately wanted to have a new X-wing and the BB-8 droid. Unfortunatelly a new X-wing is not available in paper form :sadno:, but a BB-8 is available.:Bravo: (But if you want to see the new x-wing - check this...
  14. starbuck

    Not must haves but at least nice to haves

    I am a SF fan and like most of the movies or shows. Therefore my focus in paper modelling is also in SF. Now I found these nice things.
  15. starbuck

    Tow Matter (from the movie Cars) building thread

    Searched the forum and could not believe that there is no building thread for this beautiful model, which I found at The model consists of 4 pages and a short but detailed instruction page. Hope my version will be as good as the shown one.
  16. starbuck

    V.i.n.cent - The Black Hole - Building Thread

    Hi together, long long ago a saw the Disney movie "The Black Hole". It is not the best SF movie, but it is ok, and even more there is an interesting ship and 3 robots worth having a look. I searched for all of them, but I only could find the small robot callt V.i.n.cent. Would like to have...
  17. starbuck

    Buck Rogers Poster Gun - Building Thread

    Is it true - no one started to build the beautiful gun yet? Whether or not - here is my build, but before building starts I had to organize some dinner for my family and to organize the correct music as background - But now everything is ready to start.
  18. starbuck

    Star Wars R2A4 - Droid

    Hi together, Star Wars or BSG? It is Star Wars again. I like Star Wars, but I am really waiting hard for new BSG models, which are all in preparation. So to fill the time I have to seek for interesting models of SW or other cool SF-themes. I found the R2A4 model I´d like to present. It is...
  19. starbuck

    Star Wars A-Wing Fighter SF-Papercraft Gallery

    Hi together, it is a hot summer here in Austria. Therefore I mostly spent my time outside. But now I could not hold. As the Viper is not ready for launch yet, I started another cool fighter. It is the A-Wing from Star Wars. (papercraftsquare). It looks like to be a fine model and consists of 5...
  20. starbuck

    Battleship Yamato - Cosmo Zero Fighter - Bandai

    Hi together, my next plastic model. It is the Cosmo Zero Fighter of Bandai. Detailed - step by step - instruction in japanese language. Don´t worry - I don´t speak japanese and I can follow as it consists mostly of pictures ;). I would suggest to check always the next three pictures to get a...