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    I'm Back!

    :wave::wave::wave::wave: HELLO GUYZ AND GALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well since November been trying to settle in the new place. In mid Jan (After school holiday rush) was transfered to the a nearer franchise of the restaurant so no need to travel 40kms everyday. Just worked for here for a week...
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    Hi Guys and Gals My wife and I are busy moving to our own place- yippee! Don't know when I'll be back but I'm sure it'll be before Christmas. Until then- KEEP WELL:wave:
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    Hi guys and ladies! :wave: I've been MIA because I'm battleing to get my lap[top completely fixed since the virus so I'm using other peoles computers. A friend of mine gave me- well my son:p- two Thomas the Tak Engine VHS Tapes. The modelling is soooo cool! It's cool to spot some mistakes...
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    1001 to be exact...

    Yip, I'm on 1001 posts- hopefully many more to go!:mrgreen:
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    My Little Dude

    Hi Yes, this is not train related... yet. When he gets older it will be, but anyway here are some pics of Seth Wilson- future train fan!!:thumb:
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    Yippy, I'm now officially a married man! :thumb: Will post some pics when Iget the time. And to keep it TRAIN related: I see the Gauge Mag is up- yay! Looks great!!!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Happy New Year

    YYYYYYHHHHAAAAAAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bounce7balloon6:wave7::row1::woot1: You'll have to band me from the forum though- didn't manage to finish my train related things I was suppose to! :mrgreen:
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    Hi all Was just wondering if anybody here uses Facebook. If you do, I'm on the South African Network under Jade Wilson. You will see me with my lady.
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    Minor Conversion

    Hi All As is probably known now around the forum, I model railways in South Africa. I decided that I would like at least one set of diesels in Spoornet's "Traction" Scheme (Locos that are leased in Africa and Brazil are in the following colours and say Spoornet Traction/ Spoornet Traçion)...
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    We WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sign1 We just won the Rugby World Cup!!!!!!! YYAAAAYYYY, South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sign1 :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Please pray

    Hi All Sorry that this has nothing to do with trains. If at all you believe in it, please pray for me. Today they asked me to resign at work because they can't afford to keep me there anymore.:cry: Thanks
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    Hi All Was just wondering if the SD40-2 is still the American Railroads all time favourite diesel loco? Or if something has replaced it. I know it used to be famous with crews because of the "large front porch." Thanks....
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    Somebody Help me!!!!

    Hi All :wave: I was just wondering if anybody has tips for making Model Railway videos. I will be using a normal camcorder, but want acceptible results. Thanks in advance....
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    Drawings of SAR/Spoornet electrics.....

    Here is a list of our electrics......l.
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    Drawings of SAR/Spoornet diesels.....

    I thought I would post drawings of our diesels if anyone is ever interested.......
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    Here are some pics

    I thought I would post some pics from a friend- Francois Kritzenger- of mine's layout. :thumb: He took it to one of our swop meetings.
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    Computer control for layouts

    Hi All :wave: I have a Digitrax Zephyr. One day when I start on my larger layout I want a single section that can be controlled from my laptop- like CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) and someone acting as a dispatcher. I don't want to control the trains, just the points and signals. I was...
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    List of Passenger train ideas

    I suppose we can use this thread for different passenger operations and to make your railway work more realistically. :thumb: Sorry for such a long post. Normally a passenger train will be shunted into the station well before the time of departure, so that the passengers can get on and they...
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    Which do you prefer??

    I was just interested to hear if people prefer painting backdrops, using prototypical pictures, buying printed ones or not having one at all.
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    South Africa

    announce1 Any body out there interested in South African trains, why not drop a line here? :wave: