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  1. zathros

    Julius is back!

    There's a guy in Connecticut who built a Fletcher Classs Destroyer he could sit in, and go out on the lake, powered with DC motors. It was the size of a large Canoe. He got in trouble as he installed Carbide Cannons, and they give out quite a boom. Scared a lot of people. That was many years...
  2. zathros

    Dinoreplicas doodles

    Have some of the plants petals come out of the picture at the bottom foreground, that would be subtly surprising. ;)
  3. zathros

    Bandai RG 1/144th Wing Gundam Zero EW

    It's amazing the way these models articulate. Having your nuts by your wings is as good as a place as any other, I guess. :)
  4. zathros

    Felix Silla is being transferred to hospice today after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer

    He's at peace now. That's a painful way to go, but he feels that no more. :)
  5. zathros

    New to group.

    Welcome to Zealot. Nice to have you aboard. I am sure someone can help you. There are ways to change .pdo's to .pdf's then extract the pictures as jpegs. I forgot the process, but I'm sure someone here remembers. I don't work with or build Pepakura models myself, but many here do. ...
  6. zathros

    Space Shuttle Challenger STS-61-A/D-1 (AXM)

    You're really god at putting these together, and it shows. ;)
  7. zathros

    DeHavilland DH89 Dragon Rapide by Schreiber Bogen build thread

    Oh Boris, this is the next model on my list. I would love to fly this plane for real. Excellent choice!! What a beauty!! :)
  8. zathros

    CV-41 USS Midway Museum, San Diego Bay, California.

    So many planes, what a gift that they are preserved!! Excellent pics!! :)
  9. zathros

    Rivarossi Loco's

    Wow!! All those wheels. You must need really wide turns for that beast!! :)
  10. zathros

    Julius is back!

    Holy Crap!! :surprise:
  11. zathros

    Space Shuttle Challenger STS-61-A/D-1 (AXM)

    Al those bits really make this model. Great job.!! :)
  12. zathros

    HObbyline HO trains.

    Kind of a double post. Maybe you could delete the other one? :)
  13. zathros

    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    The craftsmanship in these vintage trains speaks volumes. Great, no, EXCELLENT find!! :)
  14. zathros

    Space Shuttle Challenger STS-61-A/D-1 (AXM)

    Great progress! :)
  15. zathros

    Dinoreplicas doodles

    Yup, you're an artist. ;)
  16. zathros

    Dr Tetrodes attempt at Grey Hunters figure.

    What part made you quit? You seem to have done the hardest parts. I can understand when you just run out of steam on a project. I feel that way about my roof! :)
  17. zathros

    Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads

    All too well.
  18. zathros

    Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads

    Tabs are the bane of model building. People should avoid them at all costs. That model looks fantastic!! ;)
  19. zathros

    Vintage KeilKraft Balsa Wood Models Available Again

    You are the only other person I have ever heard do this. I have a small home, but I have a "Great Room" concept, so the kitchen living room combo gives me a 24'x24' foot room. That gave me a great size for making a small plane with the above method I mentioned. Being able to control the...
  20. zathros

    Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads

    I was wondering if you built this model. This model needs a lot of careful fitment to look good, otherwise it looks like one of those "almost got it" models, as there are usually huge seams and ill fitting parts. RocketmanTan tends to bang out his models. This gets some unusual models out...