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    Hawl's Moving Castle on my hand

    wow this awesome truely brilliant we struggle with small parts so we are very impressed by this :)
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    ALIEN wish list

    we was hoping this site would do one but they seemed to have stopped designing stuff lots of Alien stuff but no actual Aliens we would love to design one but we are not ready for something that complex yet :(
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    Ink Refill :(

    we use a company called prink and just get get cheap cartridges for our printer that arent official ones but work fine
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    we would love to get to know some other uk papercrafters

    hi we love papercraft and we build and design lots of models we would love to get to know other papercrafters from the uk :)
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    Lex's dark arts on designing anime figures

    wow this is a very useful tut thanks! :)
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    Help look like pepakura has gone crazy

    Did you try to remove the double vertices in blender ? by pressing Tab to go to edit mode the press W and choose select remove double vertices
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    Don't Panic!

    we wish there was more hitchhikers papercraft out there :( maybe we will design some soon :)
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    how to train your dragon?

    wow cool this is the best how to train your dragon papercraft we have seen so far! :)
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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord Papercraft

    wow we have a friend who loves power rangers we are gonna have to build him the thunderzord :)
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    Free Nintendo and other papercraft designs :)

    we hope some of you will find our designs usefull you can find them here and here loads more free designs coming soo
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    Lots of free models

    Fantastic site and also viewer is a fantastic piece of software we never used to use it but we prefer PDO`s to PDF`s these days
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    hi (especially to any fellow papercrafters)

    hi we are Hayley and Jon ThePapercraftCouple we are called the papercraft couple beacuse we are a couple who love papercraft(and each other of course) we build lots of models and also design them too :) These are our Papercraft blogs and...