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  1. silveroxide

    Wheeled personnel carrier.

    Decided to scratch build a wheeled 40K armored vehicle. The main construction is built on the rhino body. The sides are slanted and the rear ramp is scratched built. It has side access door and the power plant is to the rear. The turret is modified similar to a Chimera turret. I was going...
  2. silveroxide

    PT-17 Stearman Crop Duster

    This is what I am presently working on, Taking Julius (Paper-Replika) Stearman and modifying it into an early version of the old Bi-Plane cropduster like the one seen in Independence day. I am making a full cockpit for the two seater version and the single seater cropduster. It requires a bit of...
  3. silveroxide


    These are two mechas that I decided to make and to see if I could make them look something else that paper. The first one, is the Mad Dog or the Vulture. It is about 1/100 scale and in some of the photos, you can make out the figures to put it in perspective to the size of it. This one is to...
  4. silveroxide

    Space Wulf Dreadnaught

    After a long sabbatical, I am back with another build thread. The comments are in the photos so enjoy the sequence trip. I did use a Games workshop model for reference and did make some adjustment to Eli's model. It is the approximate same size as the Games Workshop model, and it is sturdy...
  5. silveroxide

    John's (ZATHRO'S ) Birthday.

    Another day and more wonders to come your way. In spite of all the pain and setbacks, life still has secrets and wonders awaiting us. Enjoy and may you get to see many more wondrous things to come. Happy birthday John.
  6. silveroxide


    Over 200 hundred years and still going strong. Happy birthday to Americas Finest, SEMPER FIDELIS. And good night to Chesty, wherever you are.
  7. silveroxide

    Happy Birthday to Rhaven.

    Happy birthday Raven, may your today be better than yesterday and your tomorrow better than today.
  8. silveroxide

    Resource Adeptus Astartes Space Wulf

    silveroxide submitted a new resource: Adeptus Astartes Space Wulf - Warhammer 40k, 40k, figures, Alternate dimesion, Sci-Fi Read more about this resource...
  9. silveroxide


    This is my latest design to complement the previous warhammer small boat flotilla. I was considering the build thread in the Warhammer section but it can also be built here as well, since it is a watercraft of sorts. I was trying to make it simple but it seems that I am at it again, trying to...
  10. silveroxide

    Resource Tool Chest and assessories for the Hangar

    silveroxide submitted a new resource: Tool Chest and assessories for the Hangar - battlestar galactica, tool chest, hangar bay, maintenance Read more about this resource...
  11. silveroxide

    Resource BSG Hangar bay Fuel Cans

    silveroxide submitted a new resource: BSG Hangar bay Fuel Cans - BSG, hangar bay, Viper, maintenance Read more about this resource...
  12. silveroxide

    Resource Hangar deck markings

    silveroxide submitted a new resource: Hangar deck markings - BSG, hangar bay, Viper, maintenance Read more about this resource...
  13. silveroxide

    Resource Maintenance floor jack

    silveroxide submitted a new resource: Maintenance floor jack - Automotive, maintenance, Hangar, tools Read more about this resource...
  14. silveroxide

    Astartes, Space Marines

    The build thread for the space marines will start shortly, here is a teaser for the the Warhammer crowd. As shown in Armormans thread, the size is about inquisitor size and leaves a lot of room for detailing and posing. I used some items from JC kerinsky's design found...
  15. silveroxide

    HALO Automatic

    The next build was decided by my grandson, who liked my Colt M-1911 Auto. This version is designed by rocketmantan, over at Deviant art. His model is very basic and if built as is, it will not stand up to constant...
  16. silveroxide

    1911 Colt Automatic

    I decided to make something else which I have not done in a long time. this time it will be the Colt 1911 Automatic modernized by Hoborginc. You can find the download and templates her as well as other fantastic firearms. I used his...
  17. silveroxide

    The Galactica series that never made it

    I was not aware that before the BSG new series, there was an attempt to make another different season. It would have used the old series with the old uniforms, Galactica, updated MK I, and cylons. It looks like it would have salvage the series after that fiasco when they found earth.
  18. silveroxide

    Battle Star Galactica Crash Cart.

    I have done this cart a while back and due to some setbacks and the construction of the new forum, I have been absent in the building process for a while. This time I will make the thread on the crash cart. It is scaled at 1/20 scale, but you can downsize for your needs. There are a few extra...
  19. silveroxide

    Batteau 812

    Well it looks like I am off to making another boat, but this time it will not be as intricate as the Galleon and a little bit larger than 1/25 scale. The plans come from Model Ship Builders They have an abundance of reference and building jigs and...
  20. silveroxide

    Steampunk tracked vehicle

    As mentioned in another thread, here is the begining of another sci-fi project. It was originally posted by "rockpaperscissors" Tracked Patrol Machine, 1905 And it can be found here: • Afficher le sujet - La Tracked Patrol Machine type 53 While it is a great little model as is, I tend to...