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  1. GyverX

    A list of Rods?

    I've looked and searched and I cant seem to find a good list of Pipe or rod sizes that would be good to have on hand. I am about to start a project of building a Tool Caddy, and would like to see about getting these on hand. Thanks for your help
  2. GyverX

    Daedric Sword Build

    An Update to what the Daedric sword looks like so far. I had to rebuild the pummel, I made the original out regular 24 pound paper and some how the pummel would not fit on to the handle. The handle had to be rebuild as well. Instead of building each side. I built it level by level. There are...
  3. GyverX

    Norton Deletes Pepakura Designer exe

    I am looking to build a model and wanted to have the ease of use of Pepakura Designer. When I download it from the Pepakura site my Nortons 2015 deletes it with WS.Reputation.1 found I'm not infected, but a little concerned if this is just an isolated event or is this something that is known? I...
  4. GyverX

    Sherman "Fury" M4A3E8 Tank Paper Model Released

    Julius Perdana at paper-replika released the Sherman tank from the movie fury hes been working on for a few weeks. Looked into it. Doesn't look to bad Sherman "Fury" M4A3E8 Tank Paper Model
  5. GyverX

    Hamershot Holster

    My son is going as a Zombie hunter this Halloween and he needed a holster for his Hammershot Nurf gun. So here is the build It was a fairly simple build with no template. Its just basic card board and black duct tape More shots coming up
  6. GyverX

    UT-47 Kodiak Build

    Yep, Another Kodiak build. This is something I have been working on for about 2 weeks now. I work 9 hours and volunteer at church on Sundays so I have about 1 to 3 hours (Wife depending) to work on projects. Here is the build so far, I have all the parts together. I am currently in the...
  7. GyverX

    The Glass Box

    I had an idea for a model of sorts. Mostly out of necessity. My idea is a Glass Box (sorta). The idea is simple but I have already tried to build the basic model in Photoshop but it didnt work out as expected and I just do not have the experience or software needed. Here is the premisses...
  8. GyverX

    New Ecto-1A Ghostbusters Car Papercraft

    Julius Perdana over at released his Ecto-1A Ghostbusters Car Papercraft. Yes it is new. I have been watching this build for about a week now, He has been posting updates on it. I havnt looked at it yet but plan on building sometime soon. From the instructions, it...
  9. GyverX

    PR USMC 2nd Recon Paper Soilder

    It has been a super long time since I have posted anything here. I am not going to go into why I haven't built anything but to say, I have most of what I need and the models that are out there now are amazing and I want in... Its been awhile since I have built anything so I wanted to start off...