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    Paw Patrol Chase

    Here is a new father-daughter project. :) It is Chase from Paw Patrol made by Darkcrash. He also made Marshal, which i built before. First some build pictures :) /Wilhelm
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    PaperFactory (Deformed airplanes)

    Hello Just a head-ups.. :wave: There are a couple of new downloads over at PaperFactory / Wilhelm
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    I found a nice castle for download. It has nice texture and is easy to build. / Wilhelm
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    Next build: Steampunk :)

    This is a build I wanted to do a long time ago.. Steampunk model by SiriusArtWorks (Richard Cherry) over at DevianArt. I plan to laminate this model :wink::wink: /Wilhelm
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    Paw Patrol Marshall

    Hello my friends Here is my Father - Daughter project. We startade a couple of days ago, ( I also managed to involve my wife in this.. :lolsign: ) This is Marshall from Paw Patrol. And the head and hat dryfitted... To be continued / Wilhelm
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    Aston Martin DBR-9 2005 Le Mans

    Due to some technical issue my build-thread of the Aston Martin has driftet of in the darkness of cyber-space :eek::cool:;);) so I have to start all over. I have all pictures on my HD so here we go... First of is the presentation. This is what I am building. It was intended for A4 but I...
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    Minimodel dot cz has a new webbpage

    minimodel dot cz has updated their webbpage. A lot of new and old minimodels scale 1/100. very nice models. /Wilhelm
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    KLM Tracker

    KLM Tracker I will start building Gerards KLM Tracker. I like this airplane and Gerard has done a fine work on this model. Thanks Gerard for the model I can´t upload a picture, i have used the forum upload manager and the file is small, but could not upload. I try later. /Wilhelm
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    A family portrait.. Dusty, Dipper, Blade Ranger

    And here is a groupshot of our friend from "Planes" and "Fire & Rescue"... ;););) Conclusion Nice builds, needs atention and dryfitting. Some scratchbuilding (wheels, toothpicks, laminating). I have learned a lot building these models..:):)
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    Work sucks this weekend.....

    Hello everybody. I just want to express my feelings about having to work this weekend. This weekend there is an airshow in my hometown, Linköping, Sweden... The Swedish airforce celebrate 90 year. A belgian F-16, a Swiss F-18, an american F-15, the swedish acrobatic team ( team 60, they are...
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    Blade Ranger to the rescue... :)

    To complete Jule`s nice Plane`s serie I will begin with Blade Ranger, the helicopter from Planes 2. I have built Dusty and Dipper Before, so this going to be fun / Wilhelm
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    Dipper to the rescue... :)

    Hello Dusty needed his friend Dipper, so here she/he ( have never figured it out ). I laminated the wheels and landinggears I filled with rolled paper and tootpicks for sturdyness. This is how Dipper looks at the momement, to be continued... Dusty and Dipper are the first airplanes i...
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    H0/N Buildings

    Don´t know if this has been put up here before. Some nice buildings from Wangen/Allgäu in Germany. Two Gatebuildings, Townhall and a townhouse.
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    Pitate Models Free

    I was looking for ********** An-22 i stumble on their site. They have some very nice free models of trucks und busses. THIS IS A PIRATE SITE!! that's why their stuff is free! ZATHROS
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    Dusty - Paper-Replika

    Hello I am making this for my daughter, the wheels are left to do and the propeller. I made with card 130g to be sturdy. Hopefully Dusty holds together a while....
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    Fallout Vertibird

    if youre in to Fallout 3... :D If somebody know something about this beauty i would be happy to know. Is the creator of this beauty a member of this forum or other contact info. I dont see any contact info on his flickr account.
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    Panorama view

    As subscriber of Smithsonian Air&Space Mag Newletter I found this article. Hi-Res pictures in panaroma view, and you can zoom....:D:eek:
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    What me and my daughter have been up too... :D

    here is something we have been building the last week, including the cinderella castle. We had a building rush. She cut and scored, I put the finishing touch... :D;D sorry for the pictures I couldn´t turn them.
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    Tadatadah Cinderella can move in... :)

    Here is what me and my 5 year old daughter has been up to.... :D
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    V-19 Torrent

    Does anybody know if there is a V-19 Torrent ( Clone Wars starfighter ) papermodel? I know there is a handdrawn on a french blog. But I want a better one.... :mrgreen::mrgreen: