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    Gokstad viking ship / WAK + scratch / upscaled to 1:48

    I have finaly get to build this model. More about the history of the ship here: Tomasz Weremko, designer of the model, used archeological drawings to design this model, so it is as historicaly correct according to available infomations. I upscaled...
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    Razor Crest from Mandalorian / Roland Tari

    Razor Crest paper model from designer Roland Tari:
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    SR-71 Blackbird - request for help

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am working on SR-71 Blackbird paper model and I am looking for help. Is there someone who lives (or knows someone who live) near the places, where SR-71 planes are exhibitet and would be so kind and willing to take pictures of the plane I can use for photogrametry...
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    Hellboy figure

    Hello friends, I decided to design hellboy paper figure in comics style (Mike Mignolas, Hellboy creator style). Mignolas drawing style has lots of hard edges so natural for paper figures, so I wnted to try to convert it to paper model for some time, because I think I could use paper figure boxy...
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    Star Wars A-wing / Shunichi Makino + heavy mods/ 1:48

    Hello friends, As you probably know (thanks to our Revell-Fan) Shunichi Makino is upgrading his amazing A-wing model right now: And because I just can not wait any longer, I started to experiment with...
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    Star Wars Y-wing /my design/ 1:48

    Hello friends, I am working on my own Y-wing paper model. It will be 1:48 scale to match Imcold X-wing model. This is the original movie model my design is based on - Y-wing Gold 2. Hopefully it will looks like it when done:). This is how my 3d model looks right now. It is based on...
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    Paper model Exhibition "Paper Kingdom 2018", Brno, Czech Republic

    Hello friends, I would like to present you great photo galery of "Paper Kingdom 2018" exhibition (02/2018) from photographer Tomáš Staňák (by the way, you can see my X-wing there ;))
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    Saint Nicholas, agel and devil / my design

    Hello, In our country (Czech republic) and most european countries we have tradition that Saint Nicholas accompanied by devil and angel (in Czech republic, this differ from coubtry to country) visits small childrens and gives presents if they were nice or coal if they were not. In this case the...
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    Millenium Falcon Rectangula dish for Shinuchi Makino ship model

    bigpetr submitted a new resource: Millenium Falcon Rectangula dish for Shinuchi Makino ship model - Rectangular dish for Shinuchi Makino Milenium Falcon paper model Read more about this resource...
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    Rectangular Dish for Shinuchi Makino Millenium Falcon

    Hello Shinuchi Makino did great model of Millenium Falcon from Star Wars 5 with round radar dish.I decided to make rectangular dish for Millenium Falcon as seen in Star Wars 7: Starbucks (forum member) find some reference material for me so I could start modeling: and finaly came up with...
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    Star Wars Tie Fighter /my design / 1:48

    Hello friends, this is what I am workning on those days. Tie Figter. I know there are Tie paper models already available: 1. great one from Shunichi Makino 2. nice Nnjatoes/Loefn design 3.UHU02 amazing Tie-Interceptor can be easily converted to Tie-Fighter. But because I want to have as close...
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    Models of WWI Trenches

    Hello guys, this is not paper modeling but I have to share. This are amazing WW1 trench diorams made by Andy Belsey:
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    Star Wars Millenium Falcon from Shunichi Makino

    Shunichi Makino just released his renovated Millenium Falcon paper model It looks just great. But it is not complete model just now. He releases part of the model one at a time and assembly instructions for the apropriate part are at his...
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    Star Wars Tie-Fighter from Shunichi Makino

    And here we (I certainly :)) have IT. Tie - Fighter from Shunichi Makino. Donlowd while you can, I am not sure for how long will it be there. Designer was careful and probably had good reasons not to share it. I wrote to designer for this model with no luck, so now I am realy excited :) ...
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    Bombing of Brno 1944 - 1945

    Here is map of bomb attack led by Allied forces in Brno, Czech Republic, during WW2. Sites with little camera icon has historical photos. It can be good reference for diorama builders.
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    Pak 40 /GPM/ 1:25

    Hello, something to please your eyes :). I found this great paper model, build by Brzdič, and wanted to share with you. It is in Czech language but images speaks for themselfs.
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    How to design cone caps?

    Hello friends. On FIGURE 1 is model of tube (red part) with diameter TD (tube diameter). I want to make it from 160gsm paper with thicknes PT (paper thicknes cca 0.2mm for 160gsm paper??). If I want paper tube to have diameter TD do I need to adjust TD for unrolling to flat pattern? If I want...
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    Wasteland Skiff - design and bulid

    Hello friends, Recently Tiking post his beautifull plastic scrach/kitbashed bild of wasteland skiff: I instantly fell in love with it and few days later I finaly decided to make paper model of it during summer. Because...
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    I made this paper flower as birthday gift.
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    Resource X-wing RED 2 (designed by Imcold) extension

    bigpetr submitted a new resource: X-wing RED 2 (designed by Imcold) extension - Some retextured parts and some new parts for X- wing RED 2 Read more about this resource...