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    Engine Fire

    From left, firefighter Ryan Gilbert, probationary firefighter Jake Hill, driver engineer Scott Peterson and fire captain Robert Gray work on extinguishing a fire in a diesel locomotive in Boulevard Park Monday. JOHN STARK THE BELLINGHAM HERALD A fire in a diesel locomotive left a...
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    Not a good Summer

    Hi all This hasn't been a very good year for me. I came down with pnuemonia followed by shingles and somewhere in there Robins passing. Last Monday my son in law suddenly collapsed on the job. CPR was performed, then the medics tride to zap him and that didn't work. My daughter took it real...
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    Received this note from Kim, Robins daughter Hi Dick and Sandy Dad continues to greet each day as best he can. He has some issues with vomiting at times and I know he HATES that. However, there are ways to combat that if it becomes unbearable and we certainly haven't reached that point...
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    Fresno Trip

    Made a trip to Fresno, Ca. with my daughter and son in law to see my grandsons graduation ceromony. He received his Masters in Physics. Lucky for me we paralled the tracks most of the way down. Unlucky, my wife had packed my camera in our luggage in the trunk. Saw two long trains at a meet...
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    Why do the post keep disappearing.

    When I open The Gauge I always go to the New Post section. I left that section a short time ago and there were a bunch of post on it. I just came back and they all disappeared except for 3 of them. This has happened several times. I don't have time to open the regular index so I go to New...
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    E Mail Notification

    What happened to the E Mail notification? I get the E Mail and when I click on the URL I get a dead end. :eek: :eek: :confused: :confused: :cry: :cry:
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    Anniversary, of sorts?

    52 years ago Sunday Feb. 29th (Leap Year) my wife and I went on our 5th date. We were in a drive in theater watching the movie?? suddenly she leaned over and whispered in my ear. Will you marry me? I promptly answered yes. She jumped back and looked like she was in shock. and asked if I...
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    Trainorders from 40 years ago

    If I can get this to load up, here is a picture of a trainorder I received from the dispatcher over 40 years ago. Boxcabe50 from TrainBoard fouind it in one of his files and posted it on TrainBoard for me. It sure brings back memories. That is my signature on the bottom
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    This is a photo of the puzzle my wife assembled yesterday. It shows and train going through the AGAWA CANYON. Does anyone know where this canyon may be and what train this is?
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    Finally finished track in Yard

    After working on my layout for over a year, I finally finished laying all the track in the yard.
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    Does anybody know about this car??

    Went shopping with the wife yesterday and saw this car hooked up to some tour cars on the Yolo Shortline. There was one guy there and he said this carjust came in the day before and was trying to get the doors open. They operate on pressure and he had the compresser running but the doors...
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    Old, Old, Old Amtrack car.

    This car showed up in Woodland, Ca. about two weeks ago... I assume Yolo Shortline is going to revamp it into one of their weekend tour cars.
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    Baldwin 0-6-0

    Baldwin 0-6-0--And I just passed the 1000 posts mark. Here are several pictures of the Yolo Shortline Baldwin 0-6-0...It has been setting there for several months and I kept forgetting my camera...Well, today I finally remembered to bring it.
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    51 years

    51 years ago today Sandy and I tied the knot. Also I am running windows 98 on my mack. Maybe I will be able to get some of the stuff for windows. It is slower than running on my mack but will try and see how it works out.:D :D :D
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    Gauge "N" scale box car TGR 101976

    New postings in the Gauge "N" scale box car TGR 101976 New postings on the N scale box car.
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    Log Cabin

    This log cabin was made for the old layout and was covered in snow. After cleaning it up, I decided I could use it on my new layout. I took this shot while taking pictures for the N Gauge box car TGR 101976 but it will not be shown with those pictures
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    My internet supplier is trying to unblock E mails from the Gauge and is having trouble because of a bunch of spam at that point. Can somebody please reply this this post so I can check if the E Mail notice gets through?
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    E Mail

    Is there any reason I am not getting E Mail on posting to threads. I was getting them fine until last weekend and suddenly they stopped. I have check all the boxes and they say I should be getting them.
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    Just received a E Mail from Robin. For some reason he is blocked from posting on the gauge. He has sent a E Mail to Dave Hagen and Robin will be back with more pictures as soon as it is fixed.
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    Micro Trains

    On Monday, August 25th, I ordered some stuff from Micro Trains and received the order in the mail Wed. August 27th. No complaint there. I had ordered some other things Monday, August 11th. I am still waiting for that order. I tried to E- Mail Micro Trains and my E-Mail bounced back no...