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    Handlaying HO Gauge Track Using Code 55 Rail

    Wayne Wesoloski did something similar, but he used a stationary belt sander to flatten one side of the twigs first and then glued the flat side to the roadbed, following it with a hand belt sander to "adze" off the tops.
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    Track Warrants

    This is called a "staff" system and it is a very old system. It is still commonly used outside the US. Dave H.
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    Track planning using prototype track charts?

    I try to do this as much as possible. the key is to identify what is critical and then to get the "pieces" in the right relative position. You will have to make lots of compromises on the number of tracks and their length, but if you get most of the stuff in the right order you can make...
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    Back from the drawing board

    Grades: Yes you can get up them, but will there be a flat enough space to leave cars on the main line while you switch the upper industries? If you uncouple from the train or leave cars on the main will they take off on their own? Track: you ought to have a "runaround" a track with switch on...
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    Pump 'em up!!

    Because the brake system still has air in it. When you cut away from the train ain it goes in emergency, the air pressure is gone from the train line but there still is air pressure in the brake cylinders and in the reservoirs. So when the head end ties back on, all they have to pump up is the...
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    Track Warrants

    A perfect example of the crews having to figure where to meet the opposing trains. ABS signasl in anything but rule 251 territory didn't give any authority to go, the warrant, train orders, block authority or schedule was the authority. If the crew is making a decision on whether or not to...
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    Track Warrants

    Its just a form. Normally only 2 or 3 boxes are checked. The instructions are very brief and clear and explicit on what to do. Proceed on the main track from Anna to Bess. Hold main track at last named point. Pretty darned clear. Dave H.
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    Track Warrants

    Once again you are confusing "system" and authority. If you are operating under yard limits then you operate under yard limits. By the way, yard limits does not involve cell phones. Yard limits requires a main track. I don't think the Progressive Rail operation with 2 switch engines that...
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    Track Warrants

    I would say yes, that the FRA would require them to have operating rules. You are confusing authority and systems. There has to be some form of authorizing the use of the main track. It can be as simple as "yard limits" or operation on restricted speed. But someplace you have to define...
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    Track Warrants

    Yes. If you look at the number of rules it takes to operate by track warrants and the number of rules it takes to operate by timetable and train orders, its no comparison. With train orders the crews had to make decisions and navigate themselves across the railroad using the timetable and...
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    Car Cards?

    The Car Cards Yahoo group has several Excel and Access systems in its files, all shareware. Dave H.
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    Track Warrants

    Track warrant operation is different from train order operation in that train order operation you give authority over the whole trip and then modify where the train waits or meets other trains while in track warrants you give authority from location to location. If you are operating cabooseless...
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    Am I Crazy?

    The main problem I see is that the NEC has a HUGE volume of trains. So you either need an Enormous staging area or you have a commuter, a corridor and an Acela train for each direction and you keep running the same 6 trains around and around. they also run at such high speeds that you could...
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    Rivet Punch Question

    Another option is rivet "decals". A company called Archer Fine Transfers sells decals that have small drops of resin at regular intervals. They sell sheets of various sizes and spacings. The smaller spacings would be a finer size and spacing than you could ever hope to get with a punch...
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    Help with passanger train arrangement

    A train between Washington and LA doesn't even exist under Amtrak. If you went PRR you could go to chicago, the ATSF to LA. You could also go B&O to Chicago. You could go B&O via St Louis, then MP to KC and ATSF to LA or SSW to Texarkana and SP to LA or MP to Texarkana, TP to El Paso and SP...
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    The old 32 to 40 foot wood reefer

    There's nothing wrong with the height of either car. The Train Miniature car is supposed to be a model of an ARA/USRA steel boxcar, which has an IH of about 8' 6" or so and the Athearn car is a 1937 AAR car with an IH of 10' 6". So the Athearn car is supposed to be about 2 ft taller than the...
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    The old 32 to 40 foot wood reefer

    The "X" on the end of the initials does not mean "leased", it means that the party responsible for the car is not a railroad company, i.e. a private owner. There are thousands of "railroad" cars that are leased and thousands of "X" cars that are not leased. Dave H.
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    Using small drill bits in drill press

    I buy drill bits from Drill Bit City that are designed for machine use, they are resharpened carbide bits in numbered sizes with a 1/8 in shaft, so no worrying about how small a bit your chuck can handle. Also eliminates problems when you don't get tiny bits centered in the chuck. Dave H.
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    Track Road Bed..

    Instead of nails use latex adhesive caulk. Then you can use push pins to hold the cork/track in line until the caulk sets. White foam is nasty. Dave H.
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    Pump 'em up!!

    There is no point to connecting the air hoses before you switch because every time you switch a car the air hoses disconnect. That would be silly. Once you put air on the cut, every time you uncouple from cars and then recouple to them you have to pump up the air to get the brakes to release...