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  1. JaCkyL

    Sd.Kfz.250 "Greif" from GPM

    Hello The model, which was not to be, lay started a few years in a box until he is: :) Sd.Kfz.250 Greif of GPM. Model showy, great graphics, paper a little worse. Straight out of the box, although there are different additives, essentially I can not go into details because he probably would have...
  2. JaCkyL

    Polish T-55 in Czechoslovakia in 1968

    Hello Another dug out of the closet model. As it usually happens with me I always have several projects. The title T-55 GPM was to be assumed model of a typical relaxation holiday. To what so far is glued together created about 3 years ago now it was his turn to finish. I watched myself what...
  3. JaCkyL

    Sea Harrier Mk.I from Haliński

    Hello :) This is my newest model of the old Haliński 1998 Sea Harrier Mk.I Very difficult model, having a lot of mistakes, not for beginners. It was my third attempt to seal this aircraft - three times lucky :) I am pleased that we managed to clog this model to the end. Regards :)
  4. JaCkyL

    Resource Organizer for Paint / free

    Hello :) My first project is imperfect organizer for model paint At the beginning of the organizer paint, it took a lot of them already, different. We begin with Vallejo and Tamiya / Gunze. Others will, as far as interest. The idea is to make it all as the most versatile, interchangeable with...
  5. JaCkyL

    Famo Rubezahl mit Sd.Ah. 35 - test model

    Hello :) Hello This is my next model Famo Rubezahl trailer Sd.Ah.35 It was the construction of a test for Orlik Publishing. (Commercial Link Removed) Feel free to view and comment :) Regards :) We do not allow commercial links as such for companies as it amounts to advertising, and since Orlik...
  6. JaCkyL

    Universall Carrier GPM

    Hello :) Universall Carrier from GPM :) :)
  7. JaCkyL

    Fokker E.V from Kartonowa Kolekcja

    Hello :) This is my new model - Fokker E.V, I hope you like it :) Best regards :)
  8. JaCkyL

    T-34/76 Enemy At The Gates - Stalingrad

    I built this model for a long time, too long :) T-34/76 from Stalingrad, much improved detail and full painting. This is a short version of the construction of this model. I hope you will like it. Turret Whells Best Regards!
  9. JaCkyL

    [Galery] Sd.Kfz. 222 Africa Korps from GPM

    Sd.Kfz. 222 from GPM, Africa Korpse, Libia desert. Best regards
  10. JaCkyL

    Doozer Komatsu G-40 from "Orlik"

    Hello This is one of my latest models, Komatsu G-40 from Tamiya, but here I will show the construction of a cardboard model from Orlik Publishing. Skeleton: strengthen amendments
  11. JaCkyL

    TK-3 Polish reconnaissance tank from WAK

    Hello! This is my model from WAK, to Polish Independence Day on November 11 Best regards!
  12. JaCkyL

    Sd.Kfz.124 Wespe from GPM - bulid raport.

    Hello! This is my old model - Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe from GPM. This will be a brief report of the construction, the model is ready for a long time :) This is my assistant - Peter :)
  13. JaCkyL

    [Galery] Panzer II aufs. C from Kartonowy Arsenałl

    Hey :-) Here's my next pulled out of the cabinet model. Started more than three years ago on vacation and so since then has become yourself. I missed almost a few trinkets and caterpillars. Finally took pity on him and bought tracks laser production GPM. Some items are better than others, now I...
  14. JaCkyL

    [Galery] Pz.Sp.Wg. II Luchs from WAK

    Hello This is my model Pz.Sp.Wg. II Luchs the Polish publishing WAK, scale 1:25. The vehicle has not been painted in full, only used a weathering as plastic models. Enjoy watching! Best regards! angel
  15. JaCkyL

    [Galery] Steyr RSO / ADW Model

    Hello! This is my model Steyr RSO form ADW Model. I hope you liked it :mrgreen: Best regards :thumb:
  16. JaCkyL

    [Galery] Fliegerabwehrkanone 38 from Haliński

    Here is my model - Fliegerabwehrkanone 38 and, more humanly Flak 38 with Kartonowy Arsenal from Halińnski. An interesting model, although difficult, but rather by the number of small parts than their complexity. The most feared characteristic pipe, consisting of pieces of tubing. In fact, it's...
  17. JaCkyL

    [Galery] Fight Fire With Fire - Spitfire !!!

    Hello! This is my Spitfire Vb Trop from Kartonowy Arsenal :) Best regards! :mrgreen: