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  1. Craftman

    Rolex watch w/ Rolex box under constuction

    So, I decided to make my own Rolex watch from paper with a nice classy Rolex box to keep it in! My design and idea for the watch itself is based on the Fauxlex papercraft watch by Matthew Nicholson, however I have changed so many details (and dimensions) that it feels like a brand new design...
  2. Craftman

    The cap from "Back To The Future II" under construction

    Hello, there! I have been gone from this site for about half a year due to work, work, work! Now I am very happy to be back again! :) Time for a new build! The shiny cap from BTTF II worn by Marty McFly in 2015! I found images of the cap from all angels and just used the duck cap papercraft...
  3. Craftman

    Star Wars Scout Walker (AT-ST) under construction

    Time to build my second Star Wars papercraft, the AT-ST Scout Walker from "Return of the Jedi"! This build will be a little bit different because in the end it will be a birthday gift for a friend, and that means I also have to construct a proper box for it. :-) Anyway, I started taking photos...
  4. Craftman

    Star Wars lightsaber (new texture) under construction

    Alright, time to build some Star Wars-models. One or two at least. I am starting with this build, something that will hopefully become Luke´s second lightsaber! :-) First off, the texture on the model I found was a little bit too cartoony, even though the model itself was beautiful! A quick...
  5. Craftman

    Lord Of The Rings Sword under construction

    Ok! Time to build my first sword. And I have been warned about it not being easy to build swords in paper! However, when I found a model of Anduril - the sword used by Aragorn in the third Lord of the Rings-movie I knew I just wanted to own it! :-) So, starting with the top (when it´s pointing...
  6. Craftman

    Judge Dredd Badge 1995 under construction

    I couldn´t find a Judge Dredd badge from the 1995 movie with Sylvester Stallone in papercraft anywhere on the Internet! Only the comic book-version. And I really, really, really wanted the one with an eagle head coming out of it on the top! Solution? Design and make one myself!
  7. Craftman

    Jurassic Park gate with T-Rex under construction

    So, I wanted to buld a Jurassic Park gate with a T-Rex either coming out of an open gate or a T-Rex head popping out of a crushed gate. Since I didn´t find that model anywhere on the Internet, I decided to take the head part from a full body model that stood on a black plate with the texting...
  8. Craftman

    M41A (from Aliens) under construction!

    Hi there! Before I found this site, I had already found the M41A from the movie Aliens elsewhere. I really wanted it and it is the whole reason I actually got into papercrafting! :-) So now I want to share this ongoing build with you guys! These are the pieces I had already finished when I...
  9. Craftman


    Hi there! Just had a look around the site and I must say that there are some very talented people in here! Some of the designs I have seen are so close to the real thing it is amazing! :-) Keep up the good work! You rock!
  10. Craftman

    New member

    Hi there! I really enjoy the art of papercraft, even though I only found out that it existed a couple of weeks ago. It´s amazing what things you can build with just a printer and some paper! My first project was the Minions from "Despicable Me 2" and my second was Harry Potter´s wand! Currently...