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  1. i-amarobot

    spppaaaccceeeeee personality core (portal 2)

    i have just started the build of the space core from portal 2, i designed the template myself and this is a first test build so there may have to be some changes this is my progress so far this will make the side of the core and it should have a diameter of about 13cm
  2. i-amarobot

    Resource Hawke

    i-amarobot submitted a new resource: Hawke - marian hawke (mage) from da2 Read more about this resource...
  3. i-amarobot


    I finished my first model whose template i designed myself today, which was a bit of a learning curve lmao but also quite fun. the model is marian hawke from dragon age 2
  4. i-amarobot


    I am Phoebe. I am 19 and currently studying maths at uni in the UK. I have been making paper models for over a year now and now intend to learn how to make templates. I like babylon 5, farscape, star trek, mass effect and dragon age. Is it a bad thing to start every sentence with I? Sorry I am...