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  1. skidoosnopro

    Groot and Yondu

    Painted this up over the summer .
  2. skidoosnopro

    B-17 nose section

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone has ever built just the nose section for display . My grandfather flew B-17 in the war he has past but I was thinking about building the nose section with his nose art on it for my mother . Maybe put it on a wall hanging of some type . I am really thinking...
  3. skidoosnopro

    New Here

    Hello to all of you I am John from Portland,OR .Moved out here from green bay wi . I moved out here a year ago due to a bad family sitituation and am finally getting back into doing a hobby . I love the Ideal of paper models, it is a medium I have not used before . I am working on Duey from...