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  1. Gandolf50

    Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads

    I believe most if not all of the ones like this are on that place that ends in Green or check on Pinterest
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    Large Rolls-Royce Wraith.

    I really hope everything goes as well as you hope for! Family is the best thing to be around during these trials, so it is good to step back and just enjoy your time with them! Prayers and well-wishes are pouring out for you and your family!
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    Good Morning

    Your bird really tuned out VERY NICE! Like the simple wire support over the base! It works very well!
  4. Gandolf50

    The Blue Ridge Stemwinder in On30

    Ohh My! Every Time I see lichen it takes me back, to pre-teen era!! That smell!! Wonderful! I can still remember opening a couple packs that were a X-Mas gift!!
  5. Gandolf50

    Star Destroyer Paper Model Project

    Nice use of corrugated paper!!thumbsup
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    Thanks! C.1975 or so...seems like a million years ago!
  7. Gandolf50

    Something Different 4 me...

    In the process of modeling and animating an Alleghany 2-6-6-6. Never knew how difficult train Riggs were till now...almost complete just have to get drive wheels hooked up!
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    Tips and tricks for printing minis

    FYI ...Blender 2.8 has optional plug-ins with tools specifically for 3d-Printing. Newer video series
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    Was looking for a decent set of plan views for an Alleghany 1601, and ran across some useful stuff you may like/need... The O'Timers probably have these but Newbies could use the info... First this one Book of Railroad Buildings with elevations and floor plans. It has UMPTEEN thousand...
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    I am going in for surgery.

    I still have mine and don't relish the idea of EVER losing them... The same goes for my appendix!! Get well soon! ...on a side note: around here we have tons of HOT green Chile...tends to burn them suckers out!!
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    Standard Figure Design help please

    Ready to get into a design phase? Moveable Mecha Design Model the clothing OR cut your own patterns out of cloth and sew them...( it's not hard to do ) Good Luck!!!
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    M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly, Halinski 1:25

    Some good info on the Sherman Tank Site HERE and all the pictures in the world HERE I never really thought about it..but this engine is a Monster!! Talk about 5 engines on a central crank!! OMG!
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    New in forum

    Welcome to Zealot!!! That is wonderful your kids get to learn this hobby along with you...It should happen more often! As always, if you have any questions or need some help or advice, please ask. Someone her will always try to help!
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    Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads

    Hmm...I think I would laminate a "V" out of mat board, it's already close to 2mm thick. It could be added to the horizontal section and then the "V" sections could be extended into the nacelles.
  15. Gandolf50

    REBUILD of ThunderChild's Warhawk

    Looks very clean and nice... I have had this one for ages as well...If I ever get bored. this might be a nice distraction! I found this sometimes ago and thought it would be fun to adapt back to the original concept, as it was never used.
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    Cleaning out -Looking through old files..

    Just ran across this in my old Spaceship category, looking for something else..I tend to grab reference images when-ever I find them and must have grabbed this awhile back...It might be a project with some potential for greebles or even a Soda Can project!
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    Star Destroyer Paper Model Project

    OMG! Amazing! We will have to get a final weight count on this, you know!!
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    Happy Birthday, Rhaven Blaack! :-)

    Hey, wait...Didn't you just have one of these?:eek: Happy Birthday!!!
  19. Gandolf50

    Nitra Model 2019 /19.10.2019/ Slovakia

    Amazing talent in all these shows! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us!!!