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    Millennium Falcon Cockpit from UHU02

    Ohh yessss !!!! Please. Check it out
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    New Diorama from YAMAHA

    Hi there fellow Papercrafters, just found this one on Yamaha's Site Another nice Diorama Here is the link Have fun.....
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    New Model from YAMAHA

    Hi there papermodelers, a happy new Year to everybody. I just found this on YAMAHAs site. a complete diorama with racing machine, driver and race track for anyone who likes it, happy moddeling everyone :thumb:
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    Construction Equipement

    Hi there :wave: If anybody has an interest in construction equipement such as Rolers, you can check this site. There are not many but they are free and nicelooking. Happy glueing.:p
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    vine manufacturing plant scratchbuild

    Hi there, i want to share some pictures with you about a school project. The class was spitted in groups of 5 or 6 kids. They decide to build a vine manufacturing plant. They choose the dimensions, designed it (from Pictures and information’s of a real one), split the job in smaller ones, and...
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    New at this Forum

    Hi, I'm 42, live in Greece and now getin back into my old hobby. As a boy I had at that time built many models of Schreiber Verlag from Germany, which unfortunately (Buhhhhuuhuuhu) were destroyed in a move ACCIDENT. After that I didn't build anything for many years. Well, that was long...
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    SaturnV Scratchbuild

    Hello modelers, This is my first tread in any forum, so please forgive my mistakes. I just want to share some pictures with you. A few years ago (about 2005 I think) my daughter had to choose a project for her schools technology class. Main topic was “Transportation”. She chooses the...