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    scratchbuilt bridge

    Looks good! Your weathering process is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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    My Baseball Module

    Love your idea. Your execution was great. Nice work on your scenery.
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    New Module Progress Pictures......

    Looks good. You given me some insight on how to do my future layout.
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    The Whiskey River Railway

    I have looked at different pics of your layout and enjoy the work your are doing. I also want to thank you for your service to our country.
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    Hello from Maine

    Hi! My name is Jim Murphy and as you can tell from my intro, I live in Maine. My hobbies are model railroading, scroll sawing and reading. I'm in the middle of relocating so I have no layout at this time. I'm retired and we are relocating to a 55 plus community where will have room to build a...