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  1. RonaldoM

    Flying moto (what i have done into COVID confination...)

    Sorry for the long, long time absent. I missing all of you, but I know you are always working this fantastic site. I just stopped by to say hello and to show this "fly bike" like a "star wars". There was some unused parts that I used
  2. RonaldoM

    model OLGA 51 (The Time Machine)

    I think it's a good idea to use some disposable materials to create interesting things. In this case, recyclables have become a time machine.
  3. RonaldoM

    Peterbilt 281 "forester" 1:50

    have a good time *********** EDIT: Due to a frakked up forum migration all attachments got lost. Fortunately I saved the files when they were available and uploaded them to the Resource section: Revell-Fan
  4. RonaldoM

    PETE 281 "forester"

    long time ago i decided to do this model, i made the project, but it rested too much time into the drawer. Now i finally decided to got it out the drawer.
  5. RonaldoM

    Flying boat

    Hello zathros and all the fellow modellers, after long time without posting anything because I have been very busy. Finally decided to try to create this model of fly boat that I found in the pinterest. Undoubtedly the best place to develop this project is here at ZEALOT. The original edition of...
  6. RonaldoM

    Resource DESOTO SAM & MAX

    RonaldoM submitted a new resource: DESOTO SAM & MAX - cartoon Sam & Max vehicle model Read more about this resource...
  7. RonaldoM

    Resource DESOTO Sam & Max

    RonaldoM submitted a new resource: DESOTO Sam & Max - Sam & Max cartoon vehicle Read more about this resource...
  8. RonaldoM

    Sam & Max's Desoto

    this was a request from my son. I was not too familiar with models of cartoons, but I liked the idea of this model, but I thought it was interesting challenge. I am still doing the project and some parts still need to be developed, but I believe I see a "light at the end of the tunnel" for this...
  9. RonaldoM

    vintage bus/truck

    This model is an old bus mounted on chassis of a Chevrolet truck 40s. It was a widely used model in South America, produced by the factory chevrolet in Sao Paulo, could still be seen in the early 70s some of them doing the connection between small colonies of immigrants in rural Brazil. It is...
  10. RonaldoM


    This is one of two North American model in F1 (that i knew), the other was a Penske. Un beautiful F1 car that was the best car in the beginning of 1975 F1 season. I love the SPINDLER MODELS. They are so well detailed.
  11. RonaldoM

    Chevrolet Opala racing

    Someone may have seen in my blog the Opala model (free distribution) which is considered today the best chevrolet ever produced in the country (Brazil)due to its simplicity, robustness and smoothness to drive. Now that's past, but it stayed a legend. I even learned to drive in one of these when...
  12. RonaldoM

    Ford Woody - just to say hello

    Hello everyone, Hy Zathros. After some time of absence the best way to say hello is to present a model. This is a Japanese Daytona design. To include it with a Hot Wheels collection I had to reduce its size to 1/3. I also made a simple interior and transparencies. It is an excellent model, very...
  13. RonaldoM

    Rxr c600

    Hello all. I just want to put the images of the model that i took at E-CARD MODELS of this RXR by RXR Models. I improved some of details to increase the reality The model is very good with accurate fittings and simple solutions for structuring the deck
  14. RonaldoM

    Scania army truck

    I decided starting my participation in this forum by make this truck. This is the second of three type will be made. This 70's tractor is still remaining in use today jointly the newest models. Scale 1:50
  15. RonaldoM

    I say Hi !

    Hello all, I am pleased to join the forum. I hope to participate a lot ... or whenever I can! I create models that I like and I don't find available, my preference is ground vehicles, particularly heavy trucks, trains, buses ... all that creeps hehehe! But also the sports and 60's, 70's cars ...!