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    Stone Trek

    Hello everyone it has been a long time since I've been online or maybe anything so I'm trying to start back up thought I would start up with a fun little papercraft I even used it to decorate the tree so here is Stone Trek's B.C.C. Magnetiz orbiting my tree
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    Marvin at 2 1/2 times

    I have planned on doing a future project with BazookaJoe's Marvin and it was recomended that I do this first.
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    Cylon armor

    Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted anything haven’t had a lot of free time. Our good friend and designer Bazookajo had asked if I could take some time and try some new parts he has made. So here we go first up the battery belt or a part of it. It is A little different than the metal...
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    Robo Cop

    ELSOCRAFT has made a nice RoboCop model that looks good and is not hard to build check it out at his blog it is free.
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    Despicable Me

    Hay thought that I would show you what I found and built.:mrgreen: The minions from Despicable Me :thumb: at :cool: Here are the ones that I built. :wave:
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    Thank You UHU02

    Thank you UHU02 for the Time Machine I just completed it.:mrgreen: A lot of small parts, I think I did ok with it though :rolleyes: I promised this to my brother in law I hope he likes it.
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    Cylon Armor (Original Series) - MADE OF REAL METAL!

    BazookaJo and Ekuth are working hard at making the Cylon Armour for all of us.:thumb: He (BazookaJo) did an exelent job making the Cylon helment, and has alowed me to have a ceta build of the Neck brace that he is working on. I have started building it, buy printing it on normal print paper and...