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    Pencil Calendar 2013

    Hello first, sorry if here are a not place to this post, I new in forum and apologize for this. I search in forum from calendar, and not see any, and with google see this post: I think this a beatiful calendar, and in...
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    Building Uhu02's Enterprise

    Olá Rogério Thanks for kind words and incentive. And happy for a Brazilian too. About my model, I had to disassemble to re-build this disc, and part is my fault, I think it was fast to cut, and glue not work very well, I used school glue , but I think is not good option. And used 180g...
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    Building Uhu02's Enterprise

    Hi Rogerio, Congratulations , this is a beatiful model. I stay building a few weeks, one 1701, below are my stage, building disc... more complicate... I hope finhish ....
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    Space probe Voyager

    Fantastic model, congratulations.
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    New in forum

    Hello all My name is Marcelo Martins, living in Brasil, 39 years old. I like many tips of papercraft models, I initiate with "origami" a 15 years ago, and last time discovery papercraft. I build few models, and like space fiction, or space exploration. Many models are used by my kid...
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    Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers Props

    Hi all I am a new in forum, and like many papercrafts from fictio séries, This week my child ask me to build a Galactica. I search in google and find this forum. I see that are no posts that long time ago, antbody here? Thanks Marcelo - Brasil