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    A Money Making Idea That Keeps Popping Into My Head

    Every so often I run across "barrel trains" like the one I posted about in my previous thread, "A Train Of A Different Sort," and other train related carnival type rides. I found a website about a year ago that builds trackless trains. I keep...
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    Trains Of A Different Sort

    Having the rare day off together, the wife and I took our daughter to the local apple orchard yesterday for an afternoon of quality family time. While we were there we spotted two beauties. (Thank the Good Lord for cell phones w/cameras. :D ) First was the orchard's barrel train. This one...
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    Metal Wheels

    Most of you know I ended up with an Athearn Satna Fe passenger set recently. More specificly this one: I want to replace the plastic wheels on the trucks with metal ones. I don't like plastic wheels and I think it makes these otherwise excellent...
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    OK... I Admit It.... I'm Cheating.

    I suppose some might have been wondering what was up with all my questions about Western buildings and N scale people. Had a garage sale a few weeks ago and got rid of a bunch of old stuff. Sold off a bunch of old speakers, power amps and a mixing board that I wasn't using and got a really...
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    Testor's Modeling Glue- The Wrong Stuff?

    I'm putting together some N scale buildings made with Polyurethane. I figured regular old Testor's modeling glue would work fine for gluing them together but I am having no luck at all getting any sort of bonding out of it. I cleaned the models before gluing them so there's no residue. Am I...
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    I Don't Know What It Is

    But I think I want one. I have no idea what this contraption is. It was sitting in our railyard this morning when I went by. I wish I had a better pic but all I had was my cellphone.
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    I Need Cowboys

    N scale ones at that. Now that I've found my western town, I need a few cowboys to go in it. Or at least some old timey looking people. Not having much luck.
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    The Old West Structures

    Anybody make good, inexpensive buildings that fall into the "Old West" category? Preferably built up but simple kits would be OK as well.
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    Museum Piece

    This old Baldwin is in one of our local museums here in St. Joseph. The pics aren't the best quality because the lighting in there is terrible but I thought I'd share anyway.
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    Atlas Remote Switches

    I know nothing about N scale remote switches. What is needed to make these go? I notice they just have a couple of wires running off of them. What are they attached to? O scale just has an overgrown toggle switch connected to them. What do the controls look like for N scale and why don't...
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    How Did The Different Scales Get Their Names?

    How did the different scales of model trains get their letter names? I know HO is Half O Scale but how did they decide to call it O scale? G is for Garden scale I suppose and S is for Standard.... but what makes it standard? Why N and Z?
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    Are There Locos or Sets You Want But Don't Have?

    For me they are the CB&Q Pioneer Zephyr and the N&W J Class #611. Both require 19" curves and I will never have enough space to build a worthwhile layout of that size. :(
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    So..... Does Anybody Want To Buy A Train?

    After all this going around trying to help my buddy and his kid set up a train layout, the kid finally comes clean with his dad and tells him that he'd rather play the guitar. He's even been taking lessons from a friend from school who plays. Since my buddy is a drummer, this thrilled him to...
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    Now I'm Gettin' Too Big For My Britches

    The more I tinkered with Jesso's desktop layout, the more I realized it was starting to look a lot like the scenic ridge. (Well both of them being folded dogbones anyway....) So I figured lets go with that and see what happens. I enlarged the layout to 3 x 6 and went to town. Now I really...
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    Micro-Trains Quality?

    I got the Athearn set today and I'm somewhat unhappy with it. You can read the full review here: I'm seriously considering sending it back and finding something better for my buddy and his kid. I really like the looks of the...
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    Brand New Plan (Thanks To Jesso)

    I followed Jesso's diagram for his desktop layout, expanded it a bit and added a bridge. I think this will make a good starter layout for my buddy and his kid. I like it better than the simple over/under I did before and it shouldn't get too expensive. Not bad for 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 feet, anyway.
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    Over/Under Starter Layout

    Ok, so I worked up a simple over/under layout in RTS for my buddy and his son to build for their trainset. It shouldn't be too difficult for them. It's 3x4 with nothing less than half tracks, 11" curves, a couple of switches to make an industrial or small storage siding and truss bridge for...
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    Good N Scale "Starter Sets?"

    I have a friend of mine who is interested in getting into N scale as something to do with his 12 year old son. He wants to find a good starter set to mess with first to see if it's something the boy will actually be interested in besides Grand Theft Auto on the playstation. He figures they can...
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    Z Scale Layout Plans?

    Yeah, I'm already thinking about my next layout. The train part of my brain needs something to do. :D I've pretty much decided I'm going to do a small Z scale layout. Probably around a 2x3. (Perhaps on an old coffee table or something like that.) I've been trying to find ideas online for...
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    A Sad Day Here

    Long time no post. Sold all my N scale stuff. Getting too busy and too broke to keep up with all my hobbies. I never even got the Scenic Ridge layout finished. It has been sitting half done for over a year. My whole collection along with the layout has all been sold to a coworker and he...