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  1. zathros

    SPACE, NOW!!! 2:00 p.m. E.S.T.

    Don't miss it!!
  2. zathros

    Ice Cream Truck by Ronaldo

    I just downloaded this Ice Cream Truck by RonaldoM. This Ice Cream Truck is so bright and lively, it captures the essence of Ice Cream Trucks everywhere!! It is awesome!! Go to his Blogspot, click on the picture to download the model. There are many classic modls there, definitely worth...
  3. zathros


    SyFy is running the whole series in Regular and High Definition starting at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, back to back!! If you have never see the remark of Battletar Galactica, it is well worth it. Clear those DVR's and get to recording. ;)
  4. zathros

    Windows 10 Pro (+ Home) for FREE!

    I did this today, as I have a very strong computer, and have yet to finish my water cooled monster machine. It had Windows 7Pro, which I really liked, but I could not resist this article I read on CNET. I did it, it worked. My computer went from 7Pro to Windows10 Pro without a glitch. It...
  5. zathros


    Buy what you can now and make a storage pantry . Lots of non refrigerated food goods that can be eaten as is, or with just heating. I want to buy a small separate freezer, but that relies on the energy grid, which frankly isnot so good in this area. I live in Connecticut, the stores are...
  6. zathros

    Classic French Aircraft Criquetaero Maquettes

    I kept seeing these models on "questionable sites' and finally found their source.. These are highly detailed French Aircraft, that are from the Golden Eera of flying. Link = These are the 1/33 scale models, all have detailed interior...
  7. zathros

    Papermau is gone

    Mauther's Blogspot was attacked by a trojan/ virus, and hijacked, from what I have read. Mauther has stated he has no intention of starting his website, as it never made a profit, and to be shut down by a (0r a group_ of assholes, would deter me also. Hopefully he can come up with a solution...
  8. zathros

    4D flying Paper Models, an Invaluable site!!

    I stumbled on a website that has great models that are designed to actually glide. This is pretty awesome in itself, as most models are static display models. There are so many aircraft models on this site, it is quite amazing, and they are all FREE!! The site is...
  9. zathros


    Your name will be on an EEPROM CHIP. Who knows, someday, there may be a display of all those names on a wall, as people who had a vision. Sign up!! :) Link =
  10. zathros

    We were hit with a Denial of Service Attack (DNS)

    What knocked off offline was a Denial of Service Attack. This is what hit us before, and nearly destroyed the forum software. I don't know why, but someone has something against us. I challenge them to show their face, state the time and place. I will settle it. The coward or cowards that do...
  11. zathros

    The Fiat Balilla by TONINO

    Tonino has uploaded his beautiful Balilla car model to the forum. This fantastic model has quite a history attached to it by history and by Tonino's own personal history. I wish to thank you, Tonino for uploading your model again, losing it in the change over broke my heart! To everyone...
  12. zathros


    zathros submitted a new resource: TUPOLEV AIR SLED - all terrain vehicle Read more about this resource...
  13. zathros

    The Volga-2 Ekranoplan

    zathros submitted a new resource: The Volga-2 Ekranoplan - Class 1 ground effect WIG Wind in ground effect) boat (Ekranoplan). Read more about this resource...
  14. zathros

    Gunstar by Thunderchild

    zathros submitted a new resource: Gunstar by Thunderchild - Gunship by Thunderchild Read more about this resource...
  15. zathros

    Forum is up, back in business Start Posting

    Got some glitches to work out, but you can post now. "Resources" are up on top and the "Media", to the left of "Resources was called "Gallery":)
  16. zathros

    Computers, the Bane of mankind, the evils of Microsoft

    For some reason, the Registry of my computer got corrupted, and I could only boot in "Safe Mode". No matter what I did, even restoring a backup of the boot file, no luck. I decided ro reload the system. I keep all my data on two separate other hard drives, 2 Terabytes each. I got Windows 7...
  17. zathros

    Rhaven B'Day

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have many many more!! Many many many many many more!! ;)
  18. zathros

    RE: UH02 and ZEALOT

    UHU02 has chosen a new distribution method, which, frankly, I am happy he has done. After maybe a decade or more or trying to help UHU02 protect his work, his decision to not answer Personal Messages (PM's) from myself, or any other of the Admins/Moderators or to confirm his email address, the...
  19. zathros

    David Lukens Epstein Yacht from "The Expanse"

    This model from the series "The Expanse" is the ship in which the "Epstein Drive" was tested and proved, and changed space travel forever. I won't get into any spoilers. The model is on the bottom of David's Webpage on the Link below, it's a beauty!!: Link =...
  20. zathros

    IXS Enterprise - NASA's Concept modeled by David Lukens

    David Lukens has made his model available at the link below. There are a few other models worth looking at too. He did a great job! Check out the page with all the construction photos on link below. This is one superb model. He has a YouTube video on building it also. Really quite an...