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    8:15 a.m., August 6, 1945

  2. Wad_Cutter

    cutting models

    My Two Cents Worth Speaking for myself, this hobby which thanks to a lot of you I have found extremely relaxing. I suffer from cluster migraines. I take a crap load of meds for it. The cutting really helps me to focus on something beyond the hurt. Then there is the wondering how in the hell am...
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    My Delorian Build

    Somewhere between a OMG and WOW!!, not sure just where. You took this wonderful model to a whole new level. It's great to see a true modeler at his work doing what he enjoys the most. Very, very great build Tintellaar. I really mean that. This get a 1st place prize at the County Fair. Thank you...
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    My New Build

    I think it was one of Peter O'Tooles best performances but I think the single-engine amphibious biplane should have gotten an aware for what she had to do and go through. It has been one of my all times favorites also ever since I saw one at a airshow. The fuselage is fighting me but I wouldn't...
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    My New Build

    I am starting the build of the Grumman F2F Duck. This is the aircraft that was shown in the movie, "Morphy's War". Wish me luck. I will need it. More photos to come. wc
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    Wad Cutters Piper Cub J3

    It was a L-4H I was looking at with a very complete cockpit. Not another Piper Cub J3 no.
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    Wad Cutters Piper Cub J3

    Next New Model I revisited those site and found two that looked interesting. The Spitfire and 3 engine German seaplane in the site. No matter which plane I picked the Spitfire came up and wasn't complete. And now wife Susan would like the lawn mowed so there goes...
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    Wad Cutters Piper Cub J3

    Every last one of them. Some really great and beautiful models there. Every one of them a killer. But not the one I'm looking for. Sorry. Don't give up on me. Ok?
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    Wad Cutters Piper Cub J3

    I found a Piper L-4H Cub at Orlik that look OMG!. Cost only a few bucks. I sent them a request for information. I'm waiting for a reply. I have a Duck and a Beaver that might keep me busy until then. I hate being without a model and I have so many on my hard drive but your always looking for...
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    Wad Cutters Piper Cub J3

    Piper Cub Thank you Mauther and Zathros for the kind words. Coming from two who I consider legends in card stock modeling and modelers, this means a lot to me. I have seen what others such as yourselves have done and I look one your works with envy wishing I could do the same one day. This is a...
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    Wad Cutters Piper Cub J3

    Well here they are not that I'm proud of it. This is my first model. I learned a lot fro them. I will do the Cub again when I am better and I find a better model. I want to thank Jr, willygoat and everyone that helped me in one way or another. wc
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    Zathros what FREE Models are you speaking of? Do you mean the hangars and buildings? wc
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    Knowing that some of you are interested in aircraft and flight simulations, I offer you a few videos of Rise of Flight (RoF) The Great War Rise of Flight Physics Trailer (HD) Rise of Flight: Battle over New Wings...
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    I almost tried NORMAL once. I looked everywhere for it in a flavor I would liked. Never found any. Stop looking. Why do you ask about normal people" Are you lonely?
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    Did you ever crave for a steam card stick model of a train. The kind that use to be moving across the tracks of the US. A old fashion train locomotive. Black with lots of detail and do-dads. Oh, did I mention free? I have seen a few but nothing yet that hits the mark. A model you would mind...
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    Music to Model By

    Vietnam War: Music
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    Paragon Cardmodels

    Broken link Is any one aware that in the Catalina section that the link for the Always Catalina.pdf (from the movie "Always"), doesn’t work. I was hoping to build that one once I got the time and knew a little more about modeling. Does any one know anything? wc
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    Halinsky Sherman VC Firefly

    I Found It Halinski M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly 1:25 11,500 parts, WOW!!!
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    Halinsky Sherman VC Firefly

    No but that's a great build. The very beginning of the build of the Halinsky Sherman VC Firefly is on the engine and it's in English but thank you for your reply. wc
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    Halinsky Sherman VC Firefly

    On this web site I came across a thread on this tank. The builder was building a very complex engine. Lots of detail. Well I lost that page. I tried to search for it a few different ways and got nothing. If any one comes across it or knows what I'm talking about, could you please PM me?