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  1. jesso

    New Southern Utah Modules

    Hello all! As our club does not have a permanent location to meet, we don't have a place to build a layout at. When we have our regular meetings, we can't run trains (a big problem for a train club :-) ) For the past year or so, I have been trying to come up with some way to build a layout that...
  2. jesso

    Wasatch Rails 2008 Nov 1st-2nd

    The Wasatch Division has their annual Train show at the Utah State Fairgrounds on November 1st and 2nd. Cost is $5 for adults. More information is at their webpage at
  3. jesso

    Weekly Foto Phun 10/10-10/16

    Well this has been my project for the week, I took my LRV and a sounder f59 and Mooreway and I airbrushed them. What do you think of our first airbrushed engines? Here is what they looked like: We know they don't match the prototype, but they are close enough to keep me happy, for...
  4. jesso

    New Desktop Layout

    Well, basically I have gotten bored with my desktop layout. It was the first layout I ever really built, so some things look pretty bad, and it goes around basically a circle, so I wanted a little more of a layout. Still it is my office, so I have to keep the size limited to fitting on my desk...
  5. jesso

    Another Reverse Loop Question

    Ok, I know, I know, another reversing loop question. I am making up my layout and I wanted to know if this would work. This diagram isn't quite the same shape and scale but it works out the same. Is it possible to get this diagram to work with DCC? Where would I put insulted rail joiners and...
  6. jesso

    My Inglenook Sidings Game

    For quite a while, I have wanted to make an Inglenook Sidings Shunting Puzzle. After my last trip to the hobby store and found a couple more 50' foot cars, I decided that now was the time. I went and found that I had enough track laying around to build it, so I did some measuring to find out how...
  7. jesso

    Gauge Logo

    Does anyone have a fairly large graphic of "The Gauge" logo? Also does anyone have a larger Zealot logo or does someone know what font was used to create it?
  8. jesso

    Nov 16, 2007 Weekly Foto Phun!

    I'll start it this week, I hope no one else has done one! Ever since I built Mooreway's house, he has been very happy that he can go in his backyard and take pictures of trains!
  9. jesso

    Modern Era Kits?

    Can anyone provide me with names, links to companies that sell modern era looking houses, buildings industries, whatever? I know, scratch building is probably the best way to go, but that skill isn't quite up to par yet.
  10. jesso

    Beginning our Utah Railway Fleet

    Our club's great N scale modeler brought over our first batch of new Utah Railway shells. He did a great job getting them painted. Utah Railway converted 9 GP35's into GP38-2's. He modified the GP35 body to include the filter box in front of the dynamic brakes. He even filed the nose to match...
  11. jesso

    My Layout - Scottland

    When I was a little kid, I had a little circle of track, but I dreamed of getting the Tyco expansion pack that would turn a 4x4 circle into a 4x8 empire. As my bedroom was 7x7, this was a far-fetched dream. However, I dreamed of having two trains running, one in a figure-8 and one oval around...
  12. jesso

    My Baseball Module

    Hello, I wanted to show the bend track module I built for our club's layout. I had seen several pictures of a kids' baseball field right next to railroad tracks and so I wanted to make that type of scene. It is on a 2x4 sheet. The first picture shows it right after the support boards where put...
  13. jesso

    My Desktop Layout

    Hello all! I decided to quit lurking and post something here. Ever since I got my flat panel monitors at work, I wanted to fill the empty space on my desk. I decided the best way was to fill it with a train! As I am supposed to be working, I wanted a layout where I could just start the train and...