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  1. johanvanacker

    Repair sag of papermodel

    I made the T-rex model some time ago for my youngest daughter. However, now it starts sagging through its legs and it's mouth is now almost touching the ground. Any ideas how to repair this sag and lift the model back up to its original posture? How can I avoid this happening to other models in...
  2. johanvanacker

    Elsa (Frozen)

    My latest build for my youngest daughter:
  3. johanvanacker

    The Lich

    Destro2k made a very nice model of a Lich. ( This is the progress of me trying to build it as nice looking as he did it.
  4. johanvanacker

    Starcraft Zealot

    Hi, I found these pictures of a starcraft zealot I'm interested in for my next build ( Unfortunately, the model itself I cannot find and the owner of the pictures remains unresponsive to my questions. Does anybody have the model in his...
  5. johanvanacker

    Leman Russ Vanquisher

    I though I'd give a try for a warhammer build. I like the retro-look of the tanks with multiple turrets, so I started with a Leman Russ. Here are some pictures of the building process. Enjoy!
  6. johanvanacker

    Wolf (League of Legends) by Portaldragon

    I just would like to share the model I am currently building. I took some photographs during the build, not to make a build thread, but just to show some progress stages. I think they are self-explanatory ...
  7. johanvanacker

    Stand for devastator marine

    I just finished building the devastator marine. The template generously offered by DaiShiHUN. Unfortunately, I face one problem: the marine does not stand on its own due to the large backpack attached. Does anyone have ideas / examples of a stand that I can use to glue marine on so that...
  8. johanvanacker

    Greetings from Belgium

    Hi all, First of all, best wishes for the new year ! I'm Johan and I got directed to this forum during my search for papercraft examples. As a teenager, I build a lot of plastic model kits. I stopped when I started working, married, got kids etc. About half a year ago, I got interested in...