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  1. jesso

    My layout progress

    Looks great! That's a very nice collection of train equipment!
  2. jesso

    Mike Hagarty's N scale 'Mountain Sub'

    Looks great to me!:thumb:
  3. jesso

    Mike Hagarty's N scale 'Mountain Sub'

    Looks incredible! Your layout is looking wonderful! Nice train and it is good to hear that your track is running well.
  4. jesso

    Mike Hagarty's N scale 'Mountain Sub'

    Coming along nicely!!!! Your trackwork, as always, looks very nice! Would love to watch a train run around your layout! Great work!
  5. jesso

    Mike Hagarty's N scale 'Mountain Sub'

    Hello again, any chance we can get some pictures of the completed track work? I love following your layouts! One of our club members uses cheese cloth hanging from roadbed spline to make hills and valleys. He also makes mountains out of cardboard. Here is a link to his blog...
  6. jesso

    New Southern Utah Modules

    We, so far, have been able to use the tables that the facility we are showing at provides us, so we haven't had to transport tables. However, this can cause problems as it did at our last show where all the tables weren't the same height, but we adjusted. I am still fairly young, so I can carry...
  7. jesso


    Here is an unofficial handbook with lots of ideas: There is also a fairly active yahoo group for T-Trak: And if you look on youtube, you will find several videos of T-Trak layouts. Hope this helps.
  8. jesso

    Movin' on...

    Have always enjoyed your layout pictures and I love your aerial shots. Thanks for everything you have taught me and others.
  9. jesso

    Whoa! Halt! Stop! Cease!

    I know, I have a bad couple of months of work so I am rarely here for a while and when I come back lots of people are stepping down leaving.:cry: Seriously, I have learned so much over these past couple of years and I hope that they are sticking around, just making their lives easier but not...
  10. jesso

    Stepping Down

    Sorry to hear you are stepping down. Will miss bugging you to change the picture of the week! Thank you for all the work you did on the magazine, and the traveling cars. Hope to hear more from you!
  11. jesso

    No longer moderating

    I hope you will still post here. Your layout is always something great to look at! Thanks for all you have done.
  12. jesso


    Hope you will still be around, I want to see how your new layout turns out! Thanks for everything you have done.
  13. jesso

    Inglenook / Time Saver Switching Combo

    Buildings look good! Everything appears to fit nicely. So how is the switching on it, is everyone having fun?
  14. jesso

    My Miami Layout

    Taggers are the wonderful:p people that paint graffiti on the train cars (and lots of other things for that matter).
  15. jesso

    My Miami Layout

    Those cars look incredible! You have to get those dang taggers off of your layoutl
  16. jesso

    Extreme Trains On Right Now!

    Well, I guess I'm contrary, maybe scewed, but I like the show and I like the host. I like that he jumps into a firebox to clean it out (you could never pay me enough to go through a hole that small that they could just close the fire doors and walk away) or that he tries to do most everything...
  17. jesso

    Dan's Layout

    Wow! Your building are nice and weathered well. Your rolling stock and engines look nice. I really like that track right next to the building, it is a great looking scene. Thanks for sharing!
  18. jesso

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Just woke up from my nap. Couldn't tell if it was the turkey, Seattle, or Detroit, but it was a good long nap:mrgreen: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  19. jesso

    My new industrial layout

    Looking good!:thumb: Your buildings look good! How did you make your trees? Keep up the good work!
  20. jesso

    B unit w/ lit portholes

    Look very good! and very good job on the night photography!