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  1. spitfire

    New CP caboose

    Picked up 3 new True Line Trains CP cabeese today. I got 2 with block lettering and one with script. Although the script lettering is a tiny bit too modern for 1956, I like it! :) Here's a couple shots showing the incredible detail on these models, including the marker lights.
  2. spitfire

    Weathered feed mill for Jess

    Hopefully this will inspire you in the painting of your grain elevator. :wave: Val
  3. spitfire

    Finished a couple of houses

    I finished up these two houses today, by completing the lighting for the garage on the left, and adding a new garage to the house on the right. The first garage is the Hudson Garage by Branchline and the second is by Kanamodel. Both are laser cut wood. The Branchline garage above has...
  4. spitfire

    Layout Progress! Nov 30/07

    I finally got some time today to work on this corner of my layout. I had the embankment partially scenicked, and now it's complete. I have been spending time here and there over the last couple weeks weathering track and laying ballast. This section of track is behind the city area, and now that...
  5. spitfire

    Cantilever Signals?

    Folks, I need your help to locate a double track, working signal bridge, preferably the cantilever style. I've looked all through the Walthers catalog and can't find anything. :( Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :wave: Val
  6. spitfire

    More layout progress Nov 19

    I am very anxious to get working on my city, but before I do, I have to finish up the track that runs behind. This weekend I finished laying the second mainline, weathered both sets of track and began ballasting. Here's a shot of the completed section, the area to the right under scenic...
  7. spitfire

    Fun day out with Dr Wayne (pic heavy)

    The good doctor and I have been planning to get together to do a little railfanning and maybe poke around some of the old industrial areas in his neck of the woods for some time now. Hamilton, where Wayne lives is home to big steel so we met on the outskirts. I'll just skip the part of the...
  8. spitfire

    Workin' the yard

    Hi folks, I've made some more progress on my layout. Here's CP 6516 pulling a cut of cars at Parkdale Yard in Toronto. The switchstands are from Details West. The second pic shows some of the tank cars that are waiting on track 1.
  9. spitfire

    Scratchbuilt factory

    My layout will be serving 2 primary industries: Massey Ferguson, and this one: John Inglis Co. During WWII Inglis converted to munitions production and made the famous Bren Gun and the Inglis Automatic pistol. Post-war they re-tooled to meet the demand for consumer products such as major...
  10. spitfire

    Wiring help needed for yard

    What's the best way to run all the feeder wires coming off the yard ladder to the bus wires? Is it better to: 1) solder each one individually to a separate part of the bus wire? 2) solder several matching polarity feeders together and then solder that to the bus wire? 3) attach each...
  11. spitfire

    Q: Upgrade Zehpyr or get the Empire Builder?

    I have the Digitrax Zephyr and a lot of Quantum Sound equipped locos. Problem is, the Zephyr does not put out enough power to program them. I have heard that there is a booster available for about $50 that corrects this problem, but I'm thinking of just doing a total upgrade and getting the...
  12. spitfire

    Layout Progress Update 09/24/07

    I spent the day working on the yard, soldering wired rail joiners, fitting track etc. In the first photo we're looking east along the CN and CP mainline. CP is the inner track, but there's an interchange with CN. The yard is above. In the second photo, we're looking west. The track at the...
  13. spitfire

    Railway Heritage Day St. Thomas Ontario

    Hi folks! Long time no see. I wanted to share some photos with you of my afternoon at the Elgin County Museum's Railway Heritage Day, so c'mon along! It's a beautiful summer day, and as we cross the parking lot, we see a promising belch of coal black smoke. Let's get a little closer to...
  14. spitfire

    CN closing it's hump at Winnipeg's Symington Yards

    From the CN Lines Sig: "On April 5 radio station CJOB reported that "CN Rail is changing the way it builds and assemble trains that pass through Winnipeg at Symington Yards." Company spokesman Jim Feeny explained that no-one will be laid off, although some jobs will be shifted. On the...
  15. spitfire

    chat down?

  16. spitfire

    Building my new layout

    Hi folks - I have been thinking for some time about ripping out my old partially finished layout and starting over. The main problem was the turnouts I used in the yard ladder - Peco Settrack, which were too tight for the BLI switcher, or gons and flatcars. :( This was also a chance to create...
  17. spitfire

    Q: Changing P2K S1/S3 Trucks

    I'm modelling a unique engine based on a prototype. It's an Alco switcher with AAR trucks on the front and Blunt trucks at the rear. I have a P2K S3 with AAR trucks, and I'm thinking of picking up a second unit, an S1 which has Blunt trucks. My question is this: is it possible to swap out one...
  18. spitfire

    Crew escapes injury in locomotive plunge

    LYTTON, B.C. – A CN Rail engine crew has been rescued from British Columbia's Fraser Canyon after a locomotive plunged down a steep embankment. A rock slide is blamed after two locomotives and a lumber car jumped the tracks early today near Lytton. CN spokesman Jim Feeney says one of the...
  19. spitfire

    More sad news: Dave Lisabeth

    From the CN Lines Special Interest Group: Dave was a major contributor to the CN SIG. His work providing CN data sheets to modellers was outstanding and his untimely loss will be felt throughout the Canadian model railroading community. He was 42. Val
  20. spitfire

    Hamilton Layout Tour

    Yesterday, I met up with Dr Wayne for a layout tour in and around Hamilton, chauffered and personally selected by the good doctor himself. :D First stop, Wayne's place and a chance to see first hand his amazing layout. I brought along my kitbashed Mikado for a couple of photo ops.