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    Millenniumfalsehood's "Beta" (Star Wars) Modified Corellian Corvette

    Hi all- About a year ago, Millenniumfalsehood asked if I would like to build a beta version of his modified corellian corvette. One thing led to another, and it got placed in my file cabinet and forgotten until now. Somehow, I lost the original pdo file, so I am building the ship using screen...
  2. F131

    (*another) Alliance Normandy SR2 by Thunderchild

    Following mcusanelli's lead, I thought I would also build (an enlarged version) TC's Normandy. Compared to sjsquirrel's SR1 Normandy, it will be smaller, but easier for me to build. Btw, the detail on this ship is fantastic. I do wish I used a lighter cardstock. 110 is proving to be a bit too...
  3. F131

    Star Wars NEW Republic Gunship- Bob's Build

    Now that my Rodger Young project is completed, I though I would move back to something more shelf-friendly. I found this little beauty at: It is not a simple model (the...
  4. F131

    Starship Troopers Roger Young-Bob's Build

    She's big, bad, and about to take up at least 3' of my shelf space.
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    TOS Battlestar Galactica

    Here is a couple of pics of my latest build. This is a well designed model.