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    Can SOMEONE help with this design?

    I think if I were designing that inside shape, I wouldn't make 9 3D pieces and glue them together. Instead, I'd make 9 flat pieces with a tab on the outside and a tab on the inside (and possibly a tab at the back) and glue the inner tab from 1 piece to the back of the piece next to it, around...
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    My 3foot Galactica attempt

    That's pretty nice! I use 110 lb cardstock (around 200gsm, I think) myself, and while it feels awful heavy, the next step down is pretty fragile for something that large. The first time some ham-fisted wonder picks it up, you'll be glad you used the heavy stuff. :) It also gives it quite a...
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    Bend Track modules update

    Wow, very nice. I wish I had the time, money, patience and skill for such an undertaking. I hope you'll keep posting pics as you change it.
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    Please help me in choosing web hosting

    I use . You have to be a little more tech-savvy than a normal host, but you only pay for what you use. In my case, instead of $8/month at my old host, I was paying about $0.04 per month. I recently added MySQL to the account and now I pay about $0.35 per month. Yes, 35...
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    Someone has pirated Marvin!!!!

    There are proper and effective ways to fight it. Vigilante-ism is not one of them. You obviously don't understand, though, so I'm done replying.
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    Someone has pirated Marvin!!!!

    I fully support him and his work as a designer. I denounce the thief. But I also refuse to go vigilante and denounce those who do.
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    Someone has pirated Marvin!!!!

    That's not 'protection', that's being a vigilante. I refuse to be a part of that. There are proper channels for such things and 400 comments won't do any more good than 4. Or 1, for that matter, from the original author.
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    Someone has pirated Marvin!!!!

    When I had my IP stolen, the end solution ended up being contacting the webhost and explaining the situation. Since what she has done is illegal, it usually gets pretty good results. Edit: I had already tried to contact them as you did, of course. In my case, they responded very rudely.
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    3d plan of PRRnortheastcorridor in HO

    The 3d plan made me 'Wow'. The fact that it's got so much finished on your website... Cripes. Amazing.
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    Honda Asimo?

    No problem. For completeness' sake, it looks like there was (is?) a commercial model available as well. How to build: Auction: I couldn't do this search earlier because my Japanese...
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    Honda Asimo?

    Hako Asimo: Found at: The others I found were dead links. (Or just plain had no links.)
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    St. Valentine's day is coming!

    Aye, I really like that. I was wondering if that model was available, too.
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    Can't beat that price

    sign1 Glad there's nobody here to hear me laughing that loud. Thanks. :)
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    Attention newbees and rebuilders

    Have you considered finding an apprentice? You say you can't start over, but that's only true if you do it alone. Personally, I've always found model trains to be fascinating, but never had the space for them. (Apart from the tiny thing I had as a kid.) The opportunity to help someone with...
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    Things that go Bang...

    I just downloaded that first one because I saw it on a site linked here earlier. Sadly, it doesn't have any tabs and I'm too lazy to make my own. I probably won't end up doing it because of that. That FF pistol looks awesome. There's one being made of Yuna's gun somewhere... I'm very much...
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    FFX-2 Yuna's Pistols

    I'm with you there. I tried to use sketchup and pepakura to make what I thought was a very simple sword and things did not go well at all. I'm absolutely amazed when I see things like in this thread done with them.
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    FFX-2 Yuna's Pistols

    Wow, that is insanely detailed. Toned down a bit, it's going to make an awesome model, though. Will you be posting the pattern once you're done?
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    Bald Eagle

    This was definitely a fun one. I made it for my father for the last Father's Day. My only complain was how the legs hook to the body... Wish they'd done that better. It is spectacular to look at.
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    Better Modeling with Meta/Pep/P.N – Tutorial 1: Introduction

    Thank you for the amazing tutorial so far. I learned more than I had hoped at this point. (I'm not totally new to modeling.)