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    Duplication of posts

    I have noticed that a good deal of posting is duplicated at more than one location on this forum. Why aren't the posts consolidated into the appropriate sections? Padding for appearances sake?
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    This is the first time I have ever seen a model railroading forum with no place to talk about model railroading. :cry: The entire section dealing with specific scales, logging and so forth is now gone.
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    Layout CAD Programs

    Is there a layout CAd program designed for use by idiots? If so, where do I find it?
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    Why Red?

    Just one of those idle thoughts that reduces my brain to jelly in the morning: Why "boxcar red" for boxcars? What is the genesis of this paint scheme?
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    World's Longest Layout

    With eight miles of track, it's billed as the world's longest model railroad layout.
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    Just A couple of Photos

    I spotted these two items during a recent visit to Yreka, CA. I could not get into the museum grounds to verify the maker of the steam tractor. The building, which looks like it would make a fine railroad dept and is built along the old right-of-way, is, in fact, the old hospital.
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    Wooden Box Car Site?

    Google is giving me the run-a-round. does anyone now a good, basic site for images of old wooden boxcars, circa 1890's? Is it just me, or is Google much less user freindly than it used to be? Anyone know a better search engine? used to be good for a lot of stuff Google couldn't handle.
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    What Is The Connection?

    What is the connection between male enhancement advertising and modeling? Can we pick the scale we prefer, such as Garden Scale? :rolleyes:
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    Season's Greetings!

    Happy Yule and Blessed Winter Solstice!
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    Coal To Liquids

    Sounds like something that requires a lot of energy consumption, and it requires a fuel source, such as natural gas - to use a raw material. The Germans produced gasoline from coal on a limited basis during WWII.
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    Train Shows Increasing

    Last night a special on freight trains on Modern Marvels. This morning a special on engineering projects that built the railroads, such as the Moffat Tunnel, the Chunnel, an Eatern viaduct and other constructions. Both presentations interesting, informative and miles away from the Gee-Whizz...
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    Accidental find

    My wife went off to the antique shop today and returned with a gift for me - a little cast metal locomotive with a freight car and a passenger car, I would say somewhere around Z-scale at a guess - an old kid's toy.
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    Rivet Punch Question

    Any N-scalers know what size rivet punch to use? Are they commercially made, or is there something I can modify? All input appreciated, except references to the light at the end of the tunnel. :cool:
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    Passed under the usual rail underpass on my way to the Air Force Academy this A.M., usual coal train crossing over...ho- hum. Came back just over an hour later and one end of a track was sticking up 6-8 inches in the air. There was a crew there with a front loader straddling the track, and...
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    History Channel Train Special

    As I was watching a special on mega-machines tonight, the History Channel announced a program called "Extreme Trains" that is to run on Tuesday the 11th here in Colorado. I'm posting this in case anyone is interested. I apologize for the lack of any other information; however, the teaser...
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    A Problem That is Becoming Magnified

    Aha! Got your attention, didn't I? OK - I'm a guy who, thanks to cataract surgery, now has fixed 20/20 vision. Why is that a problem, you say? Because, in the bad old, good old days when my vision was 20/400, I could take off my glasses, bring an N-scale figure right up to my eye and see...
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    At least, that's what I think it is!
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    Disappearing Posts

    Twice now in the last two days I have posted a response to a thread, seen it appear on the forum page, and come back the following day to find it gone. Do we have yet another problem, Houston?
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    Be Careful Wrapping And Unwrapping Those Chritmas Presents

    You should be careful wrapping and unwrapping your Christmas gifts this year. Why? Because under certain conditions, Scotch tape gives of X-rays powerful enough to show bones. Who knew? :confused:
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    German Pre-war High Speed Trains

    This looked interesting: HENSCHEL-WEGMANN TRAIN (1935-1940) 1935 61-001 streamlined 2-cylinder 4-6-4 designed to pull the Henschel-Wegmann train Panorama coach of the Henschel-Wegmann train 1937 61-002 streamlined 3-cylinder 4-6-6 designed...