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  1. Revell-Fan

    USS Shenzhou - enlarged

    Could you tell me how big this enlarged version will be, please?
  2. Revell-Fan

    Chariot Design / Build (Ultimate R.V.)

    The Chariot looks gorgeous! :) Good to know that we have the same friends..! ;) However, I try to salvage everything I can. Even small scraps are used to make additional glue strips, other chunks are turned into notepad paper. Never waste a piece of paper! :)
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    JayBats' Colonial Blackbird "Laura" (enhanced by Paragon)

    Thank you all! :) It was a really quick build-up, I think everything was done in about one and a half hour including curing time and de-knotting my fingers. ;) Something I noticed when I found the pictures again was that the base colour tends to look a bit olive green. It may be a printing...
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    It's all an illusion. Like the Hobbits in the movies. Yaknow, "Objects on mirror are larger than they appear." :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:
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    I really like the design of this ship (regarding the new timeline). First it was the Kelvin for me but the Shenzou looks really, really cool. The revamped Enterprise (from "Discovery") is not bad, too. She looks like a cross between the TOS version and the refit from the movies, with a touch of...
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    German Fire Engine HLF 16/12 Feuerwehr Bremen

    Got something done today: The background image was attached to the frame. Then the first building parts were added. I made sure that the parts were glued to the base and the bottom securely by putting the frame on the floor and moving it into a corner. So a stable 90° angle was formed. I...
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    Next build: Steampunk :)

    HOLY! That's a beauty!!! :Bravo: :Bravo: :Bravo:
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    JayBats' Colonial Blackbird "Laura" (enhanced by Paragon)

    In 2011 I built JayBats' Blackbird with the enhanced texture by Paragon. The ship turned out well but the unfold was pretty tricky. On more than one occasion I thought I was about to break my fingers. To make things easier I cut big pieces into smaller parts, assembled these first and then...
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    USS Titan

    Yes, I too have experienced this. The models are buildable but you have to be careful not to break your fingers trying. ;) I found myself cutting the large parts into smaller pieces which are easier to manage. Then I added glue strips to join the parts again.
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    Fantastic! :) :Congrats:
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    NASA Spacelab Model

    That looks cool! It may become useful as a gimmick for an ISS model. :)
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    Hi from des moines

    Hello web2, welcome to the forum! :) When you have the time please tell us something about you and which topics you are interested in. Have fun and enjoy! :) RF
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    happy 4th of July

    Happy ID4! Stay safe! :)
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    Dimorphodon, by @Strick67

    I had some help..! :Grin:
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    USS Hood - JJ Verse

    Excellent! I see that you used the ST-XI-Stand. Nice! :)
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    It looks great! :)
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    USS Titan

    It's great to see these models being built. Thank you for posting this thread, Admiral! :)
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    Dimorphodon, by @Strick67

    YAY! The beauty pics are beautiful! :) Quick tip: If you have another person available you could hang the model on a pole or a long stick with thin string and ask the person to hold it up in the air. That way you could take pictures of the model "in flight" like these:
  20. Revell-Fan

    Star Wars Snowspeeder Sled made of cardboard and duct tape

    Possibly. You could use a big piece of sheet on a pole to simulate a trailing wall effect.