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  1. Xavier

    Old dilapidated tram

    Hello ! This is a part from my diorama Halloween carnival tram. The diorama has been modified due to restrictions of available room. This is an image. Hope you like it. Regards Xavier
  2. Xavier

    Old Garage (French Style)

    Hello. ! Today, browsing in my backup disc, I found some folders with many of the my oldest works. Unfortunately, I don't have more pics from these models. I would like to share with you. Hope you like it. Regards Xavier
  3. Xavier

    Mini Tools

    Hi ! This is a couple of mini tools. Thanks for watching. Regards Xavier
  4. Xavier

    In Buenos Aires

    Hi ! Just a sneak peek to Buenos Aires Diorama. Not finished yet.... Hope you like it Regards Xavier
  5. Xavier

    Livestock Vagon

    Hello ! Sorry, but lately I have not been able to enter what I wanted in the forum. Work topics. Well, not to bore too much, here I leave some pictures of the construction of this livestock wagon. I hope you like it Thanks for watching. Regards Xavier
  6. Xavier

    Burden Of Sorrow

    Burden Of Sorrow painted by Rick Lawler This time I want to show a master piece from Rick Lawler. I think no need words.... Speechless
  7. Xavier

    3D oxide paint

    Hello everyone. Some of you have asked me for a tutorial on some of the oxide techniques I use. Well, I tried to do something about it. I do not know if it will be what you expect, anyway, I hope it will be useful for you. Many times we want to give a certain hyper-realistic aspect to some...
  8. Xavier

    Berlin 1942

    Hello again This time I bring a civil/military diorama again. This scene depicts a station on the outskirts of Berlin circa 1942. It is made in scale 1:32 Apologize for the very poor quality of the photos. Hope you like it. Regards Xavier
  9. Xavier

    Old Barber Shop

    Hello to everyone again. ! First and foremost, apologize for not being able to be more attentive to the contents of the forum. Lately I am very busy with new projects. Well, for today I would like to present my last work, an Old Barber Shop. Hope you like it. Regards Xavier
  10. Xavier


    Hello. ! Here some pictures from my last project, a cabosse Smoke stack joint Roof of the dome. Platform and door detail. Steps Right end. Roof weathering. Sliding door guide. Roof wathering. View from other side. Left end. Left end closeup. Inside...
  11. Xavier

    "La Porteña" 1:24 scale

    Hi ! This is the name of the first locomotive that ran through Argentina. Porteño (feminine: porteña) in Spanish is used to refer to a person who is from or lives in a port city, but it can also be used as an adjective for anything related to those port cities. The largest city to which the term...
  12. Xavier

    A Street Corner in Lisbon ( Ver.2.0)

    This is another version from the same subject. It's smaller and more weathered ... Hope You like it. Regards Xavier
  13. Xavier

    Godzila was here. !

    Hello, I try to do a small tutorial showing a couple of techniques. It's just a small portion of coblestone street. For this purpose, we can use a piece of high density foam. In this foam, and using a simple pencil we draw some lines ... The space between lines depend of the scale...
  14. Xavier

    Western Front WWI

    Hello. ! Just a picture of my new diorama. Hope you like it. Regards Xavier
  15. Xavier

    San Francisco, CA.

    Hi everyone... An image from my last project. Hope you like it. ! Regards Xavier
  16. Xavier

    Trestle Bridge

    Hello again, This is a project I was finished some time ago. It's a trestle bridge.
  17. Xavier

    London 1912

    After some time without boring you, I come back here with a new diorama. In this case it is a London scene of the early twentieth century. This is a first image. It is not yet finished. But I wanted to share with you. I hope you like it Regards, Xavier
  18. Xavier

    Halloween Carnival. The Diorama.

    Hello. ! This is my Halloween Diorama. Hope you like it. !! Regards ! Xavier
  19. Xavier

    An old pump house.

    Hello again. ! This diorama depicts an old pumping station, in 0n30 scale. I tried to condense in a small space, the atmosphere of the time, with the materials generally used in the period before 1920. I hope you like it. Regards. Xavier
  20. Xavier

    Berlin 1919

    This is my diorama representing a corner in Berlin during the facts occurred in 1919, after the World War. Hope you like it. Regards