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  1. aleks

    ARMORMAN's WARHAMMER 40K Models Thread

    the warhammer40kpapercraft group on Vk, where Patoroch used to post his model is closed. Anyone have informations about this?
  2. aleks

    Models of Merit: T-51b Power Armor build (Fallout)

  3. aleks

    I have cancer.

    My prayers are for you.
  4. aleks

    The Uhu02 appreciation thread

    Kudos to UHU02 and his amazing craftmanships . The Goutengo is another masterwork!!! PS. thank you for your kindness in making them available!
  5. aleks

    ARMORMAN's WARHAMMER 40K Models Thread

    To give credit where credit is due, Sentinel Missile launcher is a model by Christoper Roe By the way... many thanks to all of you!
  6. aleks

    New mini cooper

    Back to Zealot after some times... here's the completed new mini... I'm not satisfied with the result... maybe I'll rebuild it, somewhere in the future. I've build another one sheet model, without modifications. Very fast build. ok... moving on with other projects
  7. aleks

    The Uhu02 appreciation thread

    A great Thank You to UHU02 for the Orion. Another great model, and one I think I could manage to build (the lunar lander is awesome but painfully detailed)
  8. aleks

    New mini cooper

    Hi everybody. A little diversion from my usual genres: a little new mini cooper. I took the model from It is a one-piece model. I've rescaled by 130% and added four wheels I've cut out the original wheels and used it to make 3d wheels There are some gaps between parts...
  9. aleks

    Conan the Babarian/ Sword Atlantean

    Great work! Do you laminate on cardboard? Tickness? ...and by the way, some other inspiration Be sure to check his flickr photostream.
  10. aleks

    MechWarrior Online Chess

    Nice!!! And there are some 3d paper minis to play with (and drive you mad).
  11. aleks

    another w40k armor thread...

    Ok, finally I'm back with my first finished W40k model! Let me introduce ... newobmij Grey knight Storm Raven!!! Built straight "from the box" with some interior reinforcement and a (rough) homemade stand! Now I'll move to another flyer...
  12. aleks

    Mini Cooper model request

    Thanks a lot, Zathros. These cars are really nice and I think I'll give a try to one of them, but I'm looking for the new mini cooper.
  13. aleks

    Mini Cooper model request

    Hi everybody Anyone knows if there is a Mini Cooper model a little more detailed than this one? Thanks a lot Alessandro
  14. aleks

    Warhammer 40K

    Now is my turn to ask: where have you got those M37 Cadian Adamantium blade, and Bolter rounds?
  15. aleks

    Warhammer 40K

    Looked back at page 13 of the armorman thread here it is.
  16. aleks

    Genet Models Archive Free

    Christoper Roe have put almost all of his models in a free archive. Point your browser to models are intended mainly for sci-fi game purpose, so they are not really complex to build but they have really nice textures.
  17. aleks

    Shuttle Tydirium/ Easy to build

    cool! I want more!
  18. aleks

    great japanese designer

    I've just found another great japanes papercraft artist: Hiroji Chiba Some of his models are con Canon Creative Park. here are papercraft trains best of both worlds for true zealots:thumb:
  19. aleks

    Working Link List: may it be useful?

    Hi everybody travelling thru the Net, I've discovered many sites with great models... I 'm wondering if a list, ordered by genre/designer/etc. of working, legal, official web pages of free models will be useful. In my mind, the list have to be regularly updated and checked. I'm waiting...
  20. aleks

    1:5000 Star Wars Ships

    I can only imagine the laaarge amount of patience, precision and ... madness to build such tiny things. amazing!!! what about an X-wing with detachable R2 unit? :-)